Updated: 10.6 km Mothership On Moon in Waterman Crater, March 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Late 2011 
Location of discovery: Waterman Crater, Earths Moon

Hey guys, I just wanted to make an update video of this mothership before it got deleted or edited out by NASA. There is actually 2 of the 4 photos left of this UFO. So I will post the URL below. I hope making the color giff helps some viewers to see the craft. I heard from many people that they could not see it. After my computer burnt out with a virus in late 2010, I had to spend months looking for this ship, until Late 2011 when I found it once more. 

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Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

A few things about me. I am Scott C. Waring, born in Portland, Oregon. Graduated from University of Oregon. I have a dog named Enzo and a turtle named Stan. My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is fried chicken. I have a wife and three kids, Susan, Albert and Betty.

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