NASA Rover Photo Contradicts Itself As It Ignores Signs Of Life, Nov 2015, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: November 10, 2015
Location of discovery: Mars, 1.5 meters from rover

Have you ever seen a sign that said one thing, but meant the opposite. Right, oxymoron. Thats what we have here. In this NASA photo are the huge words that cross the bottom of it that say 'Curiosity,' and yet just 1.5 meters away are two obvious ignored discoveries that both indicate life on Mars. One is an ancient carved face in the rock, a face that clearly belonged to the intelligent beings that once roamed this planet. The other is plant-like fungus that has a different color than the rock it's attached to. Not to even mention that I had to put the photo into original color, since NASA changes 99% of all the rover photos with a brownish/red filter to make people perceive Mars as the red planet or lifeless. 

Why are we the public forced to make these discoveries, while NASA acts more like the CIA, than an space explorers?  I really wonder how long NASA can keep up this childish and ridiculous charade? If NASA keeps this up, the children of the world will have to read in history class about how Russia or China were the first to discover or meet intelligent life beyond Earth. An announcement like that would cause the whole human race to see that country as a world power. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Does anyone else see that some of the screws /Rivets seem to be resting? I believe it requires an h2o rich environment to rust iron. if that is not what it is, I welcome Critiquing.


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