Mysterious Burning Object seen over Charlotte, NC last night. Jan 19, 2024, UFO Sighting News. Whats going on In North Carolina? πŸ›ΈπŸ‘€πŸ‘½

Burning UFO making a hard right turn.

UFO in below screenshot over contrail of the other UFOs. 

Date of sighting: Jan 19, 2024
Location of sighting: Charlotte, NC, USA
Source: Twitter 

Guys this just in. A huge burning object was seen with long flames coming out of it over a city in North Carolina last night. The object or objects were seen flying low and leaving a smokey trail behind them. Very odd indeed. Clearly this is a burning UFO that is barely making back to an underground base somewhere in North Carolina. The object is one large object breaking apart. As of yet, the Carolina news has not talked about it or explained what it might be.
Scott C. Waring

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