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Many glowing lights over Daytona Beach, Florida 28 May 2022, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: May 28, 2022
Location of sighting: Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

Here is a great video of several glowing lights seen over the Daytona Beach area of Florida. The objects move around as if playing with one another. Often this kind of behavior reveals that the objects have AI or are alien piloted craft. Awesome video and great catch. Thanks LUFOs for sharing it.
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Witness report: My wife and I had just stepped out of our condo when we observed lights hovering in the sky, in a V shape formation. The lights were glowing and would turn off and on, reappearing elsewhere in the sky. I managed to obtain video and a still shot of the objects using my cell phone. Attached is a video of what we observed along with a still shot. According to social media, news outlets were reporting that these objects were being seen all over Florida for the past 1-2 hours, prior to my wife and I seeing them. I am a retired 30 year Police Officer and have served in 2 branches of the military. I know what I saw…..and have never seen anything like this before.


6 Mile Foundation Found On Mars On Google Mars Map, Feb 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 30, 2022
Location of discovery: Mars
Google co-ordinates: 68°12'41.38"S 167°17'21.29"E

I found this large rectangle regale foundation of a structure that once stood there long ago. The shape is consistent with foundations of ancient structures found here on Earth in the deserts around the globe. Google ruler says the area is 6.5 miles by 4.8 miles wide. More than enough to make a small city. 

100% proof that ancient aliens once existed on Mars. 
Scott C. Waring


UAP Seen Over Chicago, Illinois O'hare Airport On May 26, 2022, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: May 26, 2022
Location of sighting: Chicago, Illinois, USA

The eyewitness said he looked up and saw this white object moving across the sky coming from the O'Hare Airport in the evening. When I looked closely at his video, I saw other white objects in it, so this looks  like a whole fleet. This one white UAP is closer than the others. Its white, oval and cloud like because white is the color that the semi cloaked craft take on when in the sky, so they are easily seen when the sky is blue in a sky with few clouds. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


UFO Seen Over Seattle, Washington On May 14, 2022, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: May 14, 2022
Location of sighting: Seattle, Washington, USA
Source: MUFON

Take a look at this video that just came into MUFON. The eyewitnesses were enjoying the night video on the 40th floor sundeck when one of them noticed a strange craft flying past. Now the video is a bit unfocused so its hard to make it out, but it looks like a disk shaped craft moving across the sky. Seattle is right next to the ocean and that gives the UFO lots of space to hide under water. Which leads me to believe there may be an alien base along the Washington coastline. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Eyewitness states: 
On a Saturday night, a friend and myself were hanging out on the 40th floor Sundeck apartment building when I seen what looked like a flocked of birds or a white cloud. It was about 280 feet away when I first saw it but I was too gazed to capture it at that distance up close but I got out my phone as quickly as possible and started shooting. The object seemed to be slowly picking up speed. It made no sound. It also appeared to shape shift and then lights appeared on it. I've never seen a flock of birds at that altitude fly in formation in downtown Seattle, not have I seen a drone in the city. I own a drone and it makes a lot of noise when flying. This was silent. The video I shared has a small bit of language.


UFO hearing: Pentagon Insists That All Further Talks Are Behind Closed Doors (No Public Allowed) UFO Sightings Daily.


As I have said before, no matter how many hearings the public demands of the US gov, the Pentagon will never allow the truth to get into the hands of the public. Watch this video, and she states exactly the same thing I have said a thousand times before to other on this site and in my videos...UFO tech and alien intelligence is a matter of US national security. What I mean is these things can make a tiny nation like Taiwan suddenly become world dominate over all other countries if we in Taiwan had a trade agreement with alines or had crashed UFOs or aliens working with us. Its a huge security risk to military worldwide, but to the normal people...its just a an excuse to avoid telling the truth for a few more decades. 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Five Glowing Lights Over Norman, Oklahoma May 12, 2022, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: May 12, 2022
Location of sighting: Norman, Oklahoma, USA
Email report

Guys, this is awesome! This raw footage just came and and it shows five glowing objects passing over an eyewitnesses yard. He said the objects move away and then suddenly disappear in the distance. These objects are allowing him to see them. The UFOs want to be seen! They are very close to the power lines and may be trying to tap into our communication networks to learn more about humanity. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Eyewitness states: 
My wife and I saw an orange in color object flying from the south and disappeared as it traveled north. I have four different videos of four different objects. I was not able to get the first one on video since I did not have my phone. We chalked it up to a shooting star until another one appreard follow by three more objects. It made not sound at all.


Ancient Reptilian Face Reveals New Alien Species Exists On Mars! UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: May 18, 2022
Location of discovery: Mars

Hey guys, I like to search over Mars photos and this is one of the most recent ones that came out just a few days ago. This Mars rover photo has an object which is a sculpture of a face. Archeologists in Egypt live to find a sculpture of a face, because it tells them what that person looked like, who they were, the status of the individual in the society and so much more. This face here also tells me a lot. The face is that of a reptilian. The reptilian more closely resembles the face of a frog than a lizard. Most people assume reptilian species will always be lizard-like, but this is proof that other reptilian species exist too. 

I have a masters degree in counseling education, I understand that many people try to claim seeing a face is pareidolia. I have to say that the CIA has been spreading that word for decades to try to hide the truth from the public. Also the word pareidolia allows a person to feel secure, like a blanket to hold onto. This is not imagination, it is solid fact. If you can't believe your own eyes, then you can't believe yourself...due to lack of self confidence. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


UFO Fleet Passes Space Station, May 6, 2022, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: May 6, 2022
Location of sighting: Space Station

I was watching the NASA space station live cam when I decided to look back in their indexed videos archive. I found a UFO fleet in a video from 48 hours ago. The fleet of about 31 disks flew past the space station live cam. I made three views of them...first is an extreme close up, second is a close up, and third is the 100% original. None are retouched, all are original color. Please go to the NASA link I provide to confirm this sighting. Without confirmation, it means little. With confirmation...its not only real, but its actually still on the NASA/IBM site right now. 100% proof that aliens are in Earths orbit and moving in huge groups. Look at how evenly spaced they are and how they seem to be flying in military formation. As if they themselves were about to go to war with another alien species out there that threatens them. It looks like this species has our backs. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Is this giant sphere Nibiriu? Sphere Near Earths Sun, March 10, 2022, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 10th and 14the, 2022
Location of sighting: Earths Sun

These two photos were caught by Twitter user Bruce Fenton. The photos show a dark sphere near Earths Sun in last months LASCO  C2 photos. The object is visible only for a few minutes but its clearly a sphere and is seen in two different locations near the sun over a four day period. I believe this may be the mysterious planetX (Nibiru) that we have all heard about. It may be using the suns energy to power its propulsion systems and internal cities. I say Nibiru because only advanced alien tech could hide a planet size craft so well from humanity. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Orb At Space Station Over Indian Ocean, 4-22-2022, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: April 22, 2022
Location of sighting: ISS Space Station
Source:  NASA Live Cams

I was watching the live cams at the space station and noticed this dark orb on the left side of the screen. The orb is only visible for a few minutes, but its flying in front of the space station. This puts the space station in a very strange and dangerous position. If the UFO slows down, it could be hit by the space station. The orb appears metallic and the size of a car. The SpaceX capsule can be seen on camera taking the bottom 50% of the screen, so this means the UFO was not the SpaceX capsule. And the SpaceX capsule appeared unattached to the space station, which means it was leaving the station. The UFO was watching this all taking place. Aliens...they love watching humanity as if we were some reality TV show for their entertainment. 100% proof that aliens visit the space station. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Drone Records UFO Over Ocean In Scotland, 1-30-2019, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: Jan 30, 2019
Location of sighting: Fifth of Forth, Scotland

The eyewitness is a person who often records beautiful video using his drone. Here he caught some raw footage of a white disk shooting towards and below his drone at incredible speed. When the video is slowed down, I see it is a white disk. The UFO was coming from some smokestacks in the distance, which leads me to think the UFO was gathering data about the pollutants humans put into the air. When it shot toward the drone, it was no accident. The UFO was investigating the technology of the drone to record its tech in order to predict when humans will one day leave earth and create cities on other planets. Yes, aliens collect data and predict the future with it...and really accurately too. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


UFO Near Space Station During Space Walk, April 18, 2022, HD Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 18, 2022
Location of sighitng: Space Station
Source: NASA Live Cams

Now this is really confusing at what this could be. I know its not the SpaceX capsule because it would not be docking or leaving while there is a space walk going on, because it would jeopardize the safety of the astronauts. I also know that this is not the moon, since I have watched this cam for over 15 years and have seen the moon many times, it much bigger than this. This object has the shape and color of an alien craft. Notice how it hangs back, watching the astronauts do a space walk from a distance. Perhaps they are there not only to observe, but to lend a hand in case of emergencies. If the spacewalk goes bad, an astronaut could die before he or she gets back into the space station. These aliens are clearly not trying to hide, and yet, not trying to frighten the astronauts. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Tunnel Cloud, A UFO Freeway Within, Babylon, New York, April 14, 2022, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: April 14, 2022
Location of sighting: Babylon, New York, USA

Wow! This was seen not just in Babylon, New York but clear across New York along the waters edge, past Long Island. I have seen similar tunnels before. The tunnels are used by aliens as a transportation highway. The cloud is being contained by a forcefield that holds it together in a beam from one end to the other by maintenance UFOs. Then later larger orb UFOs often the size of city buses will transport through one after another with about a 2-3 minute space in between. This way, they move from one place on the planet to another unseen. There are many alien bases on Earth, not just one. There are said to be over ten thousand bases here. So UFOs are necessary to carry supplies, people, dignitaries and items back and forth. I'm sure many will doubt me on this, but I stake not only my reputation on this being true, but a similar sighting I personally had in the USAF at Rapid City, South Dakota back in 1990 is why I am reporting UFOs today. And yes, I saw four such tunnels starting above our parking lot, on a clear blue sky day. Each tunnel side by side. Not a cloud in the sky, but the tunnels. Then a grumbling noise and a huge 747 ball lit up at the end right above me. Then it slowly moved down the tunnel, increasing speed faster and faster until it disappeared over the horizon within the tunnel. Then another would appear in a tunnel next to it, and it all started again and again over 25X but I had to got to work at Ellsworth AFB so I'm sure I missed some. True story, like it or not. Its 100% real. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


UFO Causes Dust Storm, San Simon, Arizona April 11, 2022, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 11, 2022
Location of sighting: San Simon, Arizona, USA

Check this out. An eyewitness was looking at the Arizona cams and reported a dust storm in the area of San Simon. Right above the dust storm is a long UFO which is causing the dust and wind to kick up in order to help hide itself from the drivers along the freeway. Alien are in constant fear of getting seen, so they take every measure to hide from us. Here is just such an occurrence. 

UFOs are often seen around natural disasters like the Fukashima, Japan Tsunami and earthquake, tornadoes in central US and even in the Ukraine war near explosions. Its clear that UFOs can deliberately cause these disasters to occur in order to hide the spacecraft from human eyes or to use humans as test lab animals for their experiments. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


SpaceX launched 3 Tourists, UFO Watching! April 8, 2022, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: April 8, 2022
Location of sighting: Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA

There were three paying costumers heading to the space station. Each paid about 55 million US dollars...which was the preview price, but Axiom refused to disclose the actual price, 55 was the advertised price in a few months ago. 

I noticed that when the camera changed to a camera further away, a UFO was visible in the video. The UFO showed up for only 3 seconds, but its enough to see its big. The Falcon Heavy rocket is 104 meters tall by 17 meters wide. This UFO is just a little less than the width of the rocket. Which makes the UFO at least 15 meters. Thats huge, its way too big to be a camera drone, which are usually 1 meter or less. Also no drone has a cloaking device, since this UFO was visible less than 3 seconds! Sounds like 100% proof of aliens watching the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch to me! 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Alien Craft Seen Entering Side Vent Of Volcano In Mexico, April 2020, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: April 1, 2022
Location of sighting: Volcano Popocateptl, Mexico

Omg! This UFO is trying to disguise itself as a meteor as it enters the side vent of the volcano. Yes, there is a well known side vent in the location that it hit. This UFO really lights up as it enters the side vent, making it appear as if it exploded, but it's actually traveling down the side vent into the underground alien base 6km below the base of the volcano. Look at the incredible speed it has as it enters the volcano. It's just extraordinary that it could move so fast in such a close proximity to hitting the tunnel walls it was traveling through. Only alien technology could make a craft travel so fast, so accurately and with such precision. 
Scott C. Waring 

Awesome Structures Discovered Near Our SUN! April 2022, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 8, 2022 12:48:41
Location of sighting: Earths Sun

This is a great find by Youtuber In2ThinAir. He used NASA/SOHO sun viewer to find some strange anomalies that do have many similarities to what we believe alien ships would look like. One is a spiral-like space station, the other a giant cube. Both of them have high quality detail and have had only light added to make them more visible. 

I first started to search for UFOs near the sun about 17 years ago, when I first read about two Russian researchers who stated in a news article that they found many moon size UFOs shooting around our sun at the speed of light, changing directions suddenly, making hard right turns that should be impossible for any natural object in space. The article soon disappeared a few weeks after it was published and as did the two scientists, but...I have been keeping a close eye on objects near our sun. it one of the best tools to do so. This is 100% proof that those Russian scientists were right, that moon size UFOs do exist around our sun.
Scott C. Waring 


Glowing Trail From UFO May Be Sign Of Unground Base In Hadera, Israel, March 2022, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: March 31 2022
Location of sighting: Hadera, Israel

An eyewitness in Israel saw something very unusual in the sky the other day. A glowing trail was seen in the sky over the eyewitnesses area and at the center of the trail. No noise was heard in the video, which rules out plane, jet or rocket. UFO have been seen in and around clouds before, so that is why I attribute this to being a UFO. The object doesn't conform to any known aircraft and its trail is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It's my belief that this trail was made by a UFO which recently exited or entered an underground base in the area. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


Alien Base Discovered On Moon In Arstarchus Crater, March 2022, Video, UFO Sighting News


Hey everyone, I just wanted to check to see if something I discovered back in 2013 still existed today or if NASA has deleted it from their website. Its still there and its still very amazing to look at. Its in Aristarchus crater on Earths moon. NASA says this crater is 40km across, thus the structure is about 1/4 of km across! Absolutly huge and high detail. Watch the video I made today below to not only see the structure, but see it on the NASA website and to see my process of how I enlarge, focus and find structures that NASA doesnt want you to see. Absolute proof that aliens exist on our moon! 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


Rare Jellyfish UFO Produces Three Orbs Over New York, 3-26-2022, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: March 26, 2022
Location of sighting: Bronx, New York, USA

Wow, check out this amazing catch. An eyewitness in New York caught sight of a jellyfish shaped UFO and if that was not enough...three small brown orbs came out of the UFO and moved away. I have head of the jellyfish UFOs but they are one of the rarest sights ever recorded. I only see one video every six months of these objects and this one does have the best detail in years. Fantastic catch. Undeniable proof that UFOs exist over New York! 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Eyewitness states: 
I recorded this from my window something drops something that looks like balloons but I'm not sure and if you look closely you see when the video starts at the top right it crosses something that looks like a flying saucer but I only realized after watching the video.