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AI Enhanced UAP Video of Tom Delonge Of Blink-182 UAP Photo, UFO Sighting News.


Hey all, I was looking over Tom Delonge Instagram posts and noticed one where it looks like he got out of a car and started recording this glowing object in the desert. The UFO begins to hover over another car, with a beam of light coming down, hitting the cars back trunk area, then the UAP shoots away. Tom is a bit shy at telling us the details of where, when and if he recorded it or not, but he has often stated that he has friends high up in the government that shows him and gives him videos of top secret UFO sightings. 
Scott C. Waring 

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AI Enhanced Photo of UFO Over Penza, Russia On Jan 10, 2023, UAP Sighting News.


Date of sighting: January 10, 2023 but redone with ai focus 2024.
Location of sighting: Penza, Russia 

I ran this through ai to focus it and it was strange, the ai sees the uncloaked parts and doesn't see the semi transparent part. At first glance you might think this is fake, but it's not and here is the proof, most people who fake make perfectly level UFOs. This one is tilted, just like Nuclear Physicist Bob Lazar of Area S4 said UFOs do when they move in a direction. This is 100% real and it's just fantastic that it was seen in Russia! So few sightings make it to Russian news, so this is one rare gem. It's easy to make out the metal disk hull and the upper dome area. Classic disk at its best. Scott C.Waring - Taiwan 

 News states: (google translated) A UFO was seen over Poim yesterday. An unknown flying saucer circled over the village for some time, and then disappeared from view. The picture was taken by a local resident, there is hardly any doubt about the lack of ability to work with Photoshop.- This is where the Bath Bridge, where Rinat Murakov ... she hung right above the yard, healthy. And then, while the boy began to set up the phone, she had already begun to fly away and turned out to be small. And she's so big... It looks like extraterrestrial intelligent beings are closer than we think...


AI Focused Photos of Two Asteroids With UFOs Orbiting Them! UAP Sighting News.


I decided to run these two different asteroid through the ai program and quickly got blown away my what I saw. Not only are these tiny things orbiting the asteroids, but they are not moons at all as NASA would have you believe, but instead or alien craft orbiting and controlling the trajectory of these asteroids to guide them safely past earth. The UFOs are watching out for all life on Earth, protecting the lesser species of the universe until they are able to protect themselves one day. Good to know right?

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AI focused, UFO over Colima's Volcán de Fuego On June 13, 2016, Photos, UAP Sightings Daily.


Date of sighting: June 13, 2016 
Location of sighting: Colima Volcano, Mexico 
News source: 

 Ok so I used a photo from 2016 and it came out 100% focused and it's's a real UFO. The disk is thicker in the center area where there are two windows visible. Also the craft has some unusual blue tenticles on the upper left. Very odd looking UFO but still a classic design. This is 100% proof that aliens do have a base below Colima Volcano which is active and too dangerous for humans to climb. 
Scott C. Waring 

 Inexplicata states: Mexico: A "Flying Saucer" over Colima's Volcán de Fuego Mexico's Criterio Hidalgo (from Pachuca, state of Hidalgo)has reprinted a photograph of an alleged UFO captured by Webcams de Mexico (which has acquired a worldwide reputation for its captures of unusual phenomena over the Popocatepetl Volcano). The text reads as follows: "A new UFO photo has gone viral on social media, shown near the Volcan de Fuego in the state of Colima. Through its Facebook account, Webcams de Mexico displayed the photograph last Friday, showing an object crossing the sky near the fiery colossus. The photo asks the question "what could it be?" in order that users may leave their comments about what appears to be a flying saucers."


Huge UFO shoots away on house cam, Margate, Florida Jan 22, 2024, UAP Sighting News.👽👽👽

Date of sighting: January 22, 2024, 19:25 
Location of sighting: Margate, Florida USA
Source: X account @isaiasroldan009

Hey all, check this out. A follower of mine on X tweeted to me to show me this video he captured at home in Florida a few months ago. He stated that he and his wife noticed a dark shadow over their home in the back yard so he checked his front cam because he didnt have a cam in the back yard and he focused it upward, just as he did, the huge dark shadow shot if it knew it was being recorded. The shadow appears to be that of a disk, notice the dark round front area, and the flat back is due to the propulsion system causing a disturbance. Awesome and rare footage from Florida. 100% proof that aliens not only watch but notice if we are recording them or not too. 
Scott C. Waring - Utah

Eyewitness Isaias Roldan on X platform, please visit him and support him by following him. 
Thanks all, 
Scott C. Waring

NASA deleted original link again: Alien Base On Mars THAT LOOKS NEW! FOUND IT LAST NIGHT July 2, 2011, UFO Sighting News.

 Updated links July 6, 2024:


Date of discovery: July 2, 2011 
Location of discovery: Mars 
Discovered By: Scott C. Waring 

Original post states:  Yeah I found another structure on Mars. You know the old saying, where theres smoke theres fire, well I found a few so I keep looking in hopes of finding more. Tonight I found these two unusual photos. I know, the last thing you want to see is another Mars building, but aren't you curious a little bit what alien buildings looks like? The first has the framework of what looks like an ancient wooden ship whose ribs are the only thing left, but this could also be the frame of an ancient building or the rib bones of an animal that died.
Updated July 6, 2024: Guys this is getting ridiculous. NASA literally has change most my links. So often you will see reposts with new URLs here. Thats so other researchers can make videos, tiktoks, ect and help spread the world. 


UFO Near Apollo 10...Focused With AI, NASA link, UAP Sighting News.👽👽👽

Below is a close up of an alien inside, chest, two arms head all visible. 

Source photo: 

Caught in orbit around Earth during an Apollo 10 mission, this UFO looks awfully close to the Apollo module. The photo was taken in July of 1969 and shows a solid craft in high orbit. Notice the bulging center of the craft...much like we hear about in classic UFO reports. AI is the new UFOlogist tool that everyone needs to start using. Did you also notice that the alien occupant of the UAP is visible in the dark dome cockpit of the UFO? It's true, check out the close up above and see. 

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Alien City Fragments On Mars In Rover Photo, June 24, 2024, UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: June 24, 2024
Location of discovery: Mars

Guys I found some interesting evidence of ancient aliens on Mars today. Strongly I found many pyramid like structures with huge openings in them. This to me is signs of a semi intelligent life form that stood about 6 to 7 inches tall. Some of these structures however were torn open, as if someone or something was hunting them, carving up their homes so easily as if they were made of butter. Absolute proof of alien life? We passed that point decades ago with my research. 
Scott C. Waring - Utah, USA


UAP Over Agua de Castilla, Departamento de Potosí, Bolivia, June 10, 2024, UFO Sighting News. 👽👀🛸


 Now check this out, this glowing object is moving back and forth and seems to be playing with the observing. Who's watching who here? Many UFOs in the old MJ12 file reports were glowing lights that seem to follow the observer, I believe this is one such UFO. 
Scott C. Waring 

Eyewitness states: A flying object with flashes of various colors was spotted at about 10,000 feet and was descending until it disappeared behind a hill. Its trajectory was towards the north. The sighting location is 2 hours away from the Salar de Uyuni. 

 Original report in Spanish: Un objeto volador con destellos de varios colores, se lo avisto a unos 10000 pies y iba en desenso hasta quedarse atrás de un cerro, su trayectoria era hacia el norte, la ubicación del avistamiento es a 2 horas del salar de uyuni


I found this structure on Mars today, just wanted to share with you all, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 9, 2024
Location of discovery: Perseverance photo 1141-NW

     It's from the newest rover images and shows a structure on top of a Mars hilltop, best view I have to say, and the opening is facing outward to see the view. We can go on denying that life existed in our solar system on other planets, or we can cherish the excitement of new proof that it exists. It's up to you. 

    Then again, maybe not knowing, keeps your world view smaller and easier for you to manage. Much more...and it may break you. 

Scott C. Waring 



UFO over Celle di Bulgheria, in Cilento, Italy May 5, 2024, UAP Sighting News. 🛸👀👽


A woman in Italy took two photos and a UFO appeared out of know where in one of them. Italy is close to the Rocca Pia, Italy UFO base below the was an alien interaction with people that lasted several decades. This is absolute proof that the Rocca Pia base is still active even today. 

Scott C. Waring 


Giant UFO over Ridge, Maryland, USA on 11-28-2023, UAP Sighting News. 👽👀🛸


Source: NUFORC 
Date of sighting: Nov 28, 2023

This is something I have never seen before. NUFORC has been allowing me to go through their info and share it and I found this. Although its from a few months ago, I just am baffled by the shape, color and positions of the lights. I believe it's not many, but a single large UFO. It was seen over the water and then suddenly disappeared. This is a craft that rose out of the Potomac from an alien base about 4 miles below the river floor. The lights were the UFO powering up and then it shot off, too fast for the human eye to follow. 
Scott C. Waring - Utah, USA

💫Eyewitness states: Object hovered approx 1/2 mile above Potomac River. Object hovered with no sound approx. 5 minutes and then disappeared.


String of UFOs over Lowville, New York, USA on March 7, 2024, UAP Sighting News. 🛸👀👽

 Watch this amazing fleet of UFOs over New York States last week as almost a dozen glowing orbs come out of a single UFO sphere. This is absolute proof that aliens are over New York and zero fear of being seen in public places. It looks like we can expect big things coming from NY in the coming weeks. 

Scott C. Waring 

Giant UFO over China on doppler radar weather map, March 29, 2024, UAP sighting news. 👽👀🛸

Hey all, I found this using a world weather map and it looks to be a giant UFO thats hundreds of miles across over the coast of China. This massive craft was seen there for over 30 minutes and its absolute proof that aliens are in our skies and watching over the world as we speak. 
Scott C. Waring 


UFO Caught On Photo Redondo Beach, California, USA March 10, 2024, UAP Sighting News.👀


Water UFOs otherwise known as USO are much more common than the US Gov would like you to believe. This UFO is diving so fast it was caught in many locations of the photo as it was diving into the water. The Earth is covered by 75% water, which makes it the ideal location to place an alien base since humans don't frequent the bottom of the ocean floor. This UFO was observing the sailboat and then dived into the water before it was seen. However the camera has a more perfect eye and caught this little fella as it was observing and trying to leave. USO are serious and real craft that even the US Navy talks about under the table. 
Scott C. Waring

Source: NUFORC 

Eyewitness  states: 💫I was taking photos at Redondo and walked to the end of the pier to shoot an array of sailboats. I didn't see the object with my eyes as I was focused on the boats but when processing the photo I saw what appears to be something falling from the sky. It had to be fast to be captured by my camera at a speed of 1/500 of a second. You can easily see the descent and the object with a trail.


What did Buzz Aldrin mean when he said, “you didn’t, no you didn’t, you watched animation.” About the nasa moon landing? UFO sighting news. 🎥👀🎬



🔮Baba Vanga's 2024 predictions🔮 And We All Know They Will Come True, UFO Sighting News.



👽Aircraft crashes after chasing UFO, Jan 7, 1948, Godman Air Force Base, Kentucky, UAP Sighting News. 👽

 Now with this sighting, the US Gov tries to spread lies that it was pilot error that caused the plane to crash. Since the pilots cannot defend themselves, I will do so. The pilot was ordered to intercept the UFO and the UFO apparently decided to slow down, to see what the plane was doing. The pilots commander ordered him to fire the machine guns on the UFO, thus causing the UFO protect itself, or perhaps the bullets from the machine gun may have bounced off the UFO hitting his own plane. One thing is 100% sure, these two pilots who died in this US military plane, died fighting an alien spacecraft. Something the US gov doesn't want you to know. 

Scott C. Waring 


👽Cube UAP near sun today, March 13, 2024, UFO sighting news.👽