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International UFO Congress Met In Phoenix, Arizona This Week, Feb 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

This is awesome. The International UFO Congress met in Phoenix, Arizona this week. I have never gone, but only because I live in Taiwan. At the conference, you get to hear some of the most famous eyewitnesses speak out about what they saw and experienced during their encounter. When you see the faces of the individuals and their body language on stage, you truly feel their confidence in the sighting and know that this is important for you to not just hear, but to keep inside you so you can mull it over later to help you better understand. 

Everyone everywhere eventually sees a UFO in their lifetime, some more so, because they look up more often than others. If you haven't, its because you have not spent a few hours this week looking at the sky. Try it sometime. You might be surprised, but record it so others can share your experience too. Just believe and it will happen. Belief translates into your effort to search the sky. If you believe you can...then you will try harder. Which increases the chance of success.

Belief=effort (hours, days, weeks, months searching)
Scott C. Waring



Updated: NASA shuts down ISS Cams Due To UFOs, March 2014, UFO Sighting News @NASA @NASAKennedy

Updated: (March 31, 2014) Hey guys, I just got a message from a reader that the NASA live cam site changed their message. It now reads, “Thanks to your feedback, the ISS live! clock has been extended.” How long the cam still has has not been said, but it seems NASA wants to keep this out of the news. 

Thank you everyone for your sharing of the NASA cams post on Facebook, Twitter and other sites. Its so wonderful that others also care about this and your sharing has saved these live cams. It wasn’t me, it was each of you who did it. As I said last week, if we believe we can do it, then we will. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. SCW

NASA Live ISS Cam:
2nd site (Camera down):

Yes, they installed two 17 million dollar HD cams to to earn money using the ISS to sell satellite photos. Yes, NASA says they will shut down the live public cams due to budget cuts, even thought the Canada company selling the photos will pay NASA a crap load of cash yearly. So the "budget cuts" excuse is a lie. The truth is they want to stop the viewers from seeing the UFOs at the ISS and posting them to Youtube. Please share this post to save the cams. 

Since January of 2014, new recordings of UFOs seen on ISS live cam could be found on Youtube every 3-5 day, thats up form every 13-20 day last year. Recently NASA has installed two HD cameras on the space station on several hard to do space walks and the consequences of those actions are becoming apparent to NASA...disclosing UFO in HD will soon be possible, but only if you pay out the nose to use it. Its one thing to have a blurry photo of an object moving around the ISS using the regular old cams, but totally another thing to see it in high definition so well that its like looking at the UFO an arms length away from you. They say the cameras can spy on object as small as 1-5 meters on earths surface, so imagine how powerful a tool this could be in the hands of an UFO researcher. 

On the second site above, I clicked the link and suddenly I see the cam already says no signal. How it could work on the 1st site, but not the second site is bewildering. In bold yellow letters at the bottom of the site it state, "ISS live cam to be retired in two weeks. Submit concerns to NASA official Jennifer B. Price for more information." 

The fact that sightings have increased this year at the ISS cam and the installation of the two hard to install HD cams last month tell us that NASA does have something to hide from the public. You can send her message about it at this email,, but don't expect a real answer. Most likely they will make up some story about budget cuts, but the HD cameras cost over $17 million US dollars to make and is owned by a Canadian and Russian company who can see objects on earth that are 1-5 meters and plans on selling the photos for profit! So NASA will roll in the money soon from the sold photos from space, yet the public is screwed out of the deal by not getting free use of the cams. Basically the ISS 2 HD cams are now there to spy for hire and not for the public use. NASA is making a massive profit from this deal, but still doesn't want the public from even using the ancient non HD cams installed at the ISS. Rather, they want to save their reputation from ridicule about UFOs visiting the ISS and shut the cams down all cams of public use. This is not the TRANSPARENCY that Obama promised us all. SCW


Astronaut Records UFO Near International Space Station, Nov 2012.

Date of sighting: November 2012
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit at International Space Station

This great photo was actually taken by  an astronaut on the ISS who has many high end cameras so as to give us plenty of detail here. This photo was posted on a NASA site last week and it just blows me away at the UFO that it caught. It looks like the kind of craft you might see in the movie Farscape. Also notice the massive light on its stomach, which is often reported in UFO sightings of triangular UFOs. SCW

NASA Source:


Disc UFO Caught Visiting International Space Station On Live Cam, Oct 19, 2012, VIDEO.

Date of sighting: October 19, 2012
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit, ISS

It's amazing what a person can do if they set their mind to it. I use to believe seeing UFOs on live cams was ridiculous. I was naive and foolish. UFOs can be caught anywhere, it all depends on you and how much time you decide to dedicate to find one. How many sunsets would you watch holding your digital camera or camcorder...probably only a few before you gave up. Internet cams are there everyday and they are not bias...they don't care if its there or not. They just record. I like that...pure facts. 

Here the ISS has another encounter with a UFO. This seems to be disc-like and very thin at that, but you can see both edges as it tilts and moves (in full screen). Awesome catch and irrefutable evidence that the ISS is being visited not yearly but weekly or more by aliens. SCW


2nd UFO Sighting Near International Space Station This Week, July 30, 2012 VIDEO.

Date of sighting: July 30, 2012
Location of sighting: Orbiting Earth, ISS

Watch as Streetcap1 catches another UFO this week flying past the International Space Station. The ISS is on the dark side of the earth so the live NASA cam is causing lines but we can still make out a group of glowing orbs floating past slowly as they check out the ISS. It's amazing what one person can do to advance UFOlogy research. Keep up the great work Streetcap1 of Youtube. SCW

Source Live NASA Cam:


Large UFO Caught On Live Cam At NASA's International Space Station, Video June 21, 2012.

Date of sighting: June 21, 2012
Location of sighting: International Space Station

Eyewitness states: 
"Caught this last night and thought it was kinda weird. At one point in the video the object/ufo looks like a number of faces, maybe thats just my mind trying to make sense of the strange 
objects. Whatever it is, its weird to say the least."


UFO's caught Live during Flight to the International Space Station I.S.S

Date of sighting: May 25, 2012
Location of sighting: Earth's Orbit at ISS

I love how UFO researchers are watching the NASA live cams day and night. This guy had a great night. If you pause the video at 1:12 into it, you will catch a giant donut shaped UFO shoot near the ISS and it is the same size as the space station! Absolutely amazing stuff. This was caught when the Dragon SpaceX craft was about to dock with ISS. SCW


US Airways Express flight crew sees Red UFO shoot past jet, May 22, 2012, World News.

This is not a flare, flares have smoky trails, this is a UFO there is no trail and it goes in a straight line!

Date of sighting: May 22, 2012
Location of sighting: Philadelphia International Airport, USA

This video was sent to us by an anonymous person. They were filming aircraft landing at Philadelphia International Airport on May 22, 2012 when they witnessed a mysterious object zip by this Bombardier Dash 8. The media is saying it was a flare, but that doesn't look like a flare to me! Flares have smoky trails, this has none! Also flairs have curved trails, this UFO moves straight with no curve. This is a UFO.

News states: 

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A US Airways Express flight crew reported seeing what looked like a flare with a smoke trail in the vicinity of its aircraft while on approach to Philadelphia International Airport on Tuesday.
According to authorities, what the crew witnessed remains a mystery. The aircraft with 34 passengers and three crew members landed safely.
Flight 4321, originating from Elmira-Corning Regional Airport, was about 500 feet above the ground in Philadelphia when the incident took place.
After landing in Philadelphia, the aircraft taxied to the gate, according to US Airways spokesman Liz Landau. Runway 17 was closed for about 30 minutes after the incident for investigation, the FAA said. Law enforcement authorities are investigating the incident.

Three Sources: