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David Farrier of Netflix Dark Tourist and David Roth Of Deadspin Bully UFO Eyewitnesses On Twitter, UFO Sighting News.

Hey everyone, I just came from Twitter where I was trying to talk to two famous people, one writer and one actor. Maybe you have heard of them. David Roth a writer for Deadspin and SB Nation. The other, David Farrier the lead actor on Netflix show called Dark Tourist and a Hulu show called Tickled. 

Being semi celebrities they should be more caring and thoughtful to others feelings, but they go and attack eyewitnesses of UFO sightings trying to intimidate and embarrass...basically bullying those who claim to have seen UFOs. 

I do not tolerate those who bully others. Its horrible that those two social influencers are spreading such cruel and heartless messages to the public. The world is changing and the public is becoming more confident about coming out and telling the world their story of their UFO sighting. We must protect those can't protect themselves. 

Of course I responded in defense of those who have been fortunate enough to have had UFO sighings. Read my tweets below. 
Scott C. Waring