January 10, 2013

UFO Over Cotulla, Texas Lands And Is Caught On Security Cam Footage, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 5, 2012
Location of sighting: Cotulla, Texas

Although this UFO sighting happened back in July, it was just reported this week. It happened in the city of Cotulla which is 110 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, where this UFO may have come from...an underwater alien base. Underwater bases are easier to hide from the prying eyes of humans since ocean covers 75% of the Earth. SCW

MUFON Report Says:
"My father works in an oil company here in Texas, and they had noticed that some people were taking the crude oil in the night," the witness stated. "So they started putting cameras up around the areas. One night one camera caught a UFO." The witness explains that the photo had been circulated, but with no further explanation. "The news had spread throughout the workers and they soon emailed it to my father. My father had sent it to me and now I'm posting it here on MUFON."


  1. Muchas gracias por compartir el video. estos seres con tan abanzada tecnología seguramente saben que los estan filmando porque asi lo deseen, la pregunta es cuál es la razón, un saludo.

    1. Muy cierto ... saben que están siendo vigilados ... pero su trabajo es más importante para ellos ignoran el hecho de que podamos verlos. Tener una buena. :)

  2. Pero porque si era una camara de video, aqui estamos viendo una fotografia?

    1. En realidad se trata de una captura de pantalla del vídeo. Este informe fue enviado primero a MUFON y sólo la captura de pantalla fue enviado pulg Me gustaría que la envió en el video. Realmente me gustaría verlo.

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