Updated: Alien Saves Mans Life In China Car Accident, Sept 2012 Security Cam Video.

Below photos show his body as light shooting across the road to the man.

Date of sighting: September 2012
Location of sighting: China

Updated on May 17, 2014: The icon (Chinese words) in the upper right hand corner is a watermark from Tudou that all video uploaded to the Chinese video sharing site get. At www.tudou.com This is the original location of the video before it went viral. 

Since I live one hour away from China (Taiwan) I can tell you this is a typical scene you will see on the road everyday, minus the teleportation. Yes these trucks travel fast in Asia. I saw three accidents caused  by such trucks three times on the same corner in one week…all hit a parents car…near 10 meters from a elementary school. So yes, the scene is real. The clothing they are wearing is normal since its extremely hot right now (80-90 F) and the bicycle is used by poor people who recycle the goods others don't want…police don't bother them. In all this looks 100% real. Tell us what you think in the comments below please. Also note, the aliens hands, feet and face are glowing. An effect from changing from human form to light and back to human again. Watch how he hides his face and hands immediately as he leaves the scene. SCW