US President Obama and Michelle May Have Role In Mayan Dec 21, 2012 Prediction According To Dresden Codex.

On Tuesday, Nov 6, 2012 when they hold the US presidential election…if the winner is Obama then the prophecy is one step closer to coming true.

Many have asked me about what will happen according to the Mayan prediction that will take place on Dec 21, 2012? I have to say we have little info to help us, but the greatest of all the information happens to be the last page the ancient Mayan Dresden Codex. This book is thousands of years old and is inscribed with unknown hieroglyphs, was written by Maya Indians who once ruled over much of Central America. The number 13 was magically important to the Mayans and they believed that, starting from the Birth of Venus, after 13 of these longest periods, or baktuns, the world would come to an end.
But lets look at this page from our current perspective. What do you see...a black god at the bottom with an eagle over its head. The only black leader in the world whose symbol of power is the eagle happens to be US President Obama. Now this sounds odd, however if you look at the upper right hand part of the Dresden Codex page you will notice a silhouette of what looks like a woman...not just any woman. It looks like Michelle Obama, President Obama's wife. This seem to indicate that the Obama's will have a very important role in this prediction and Barack Obama will have almost God-like Powers. This power could be his official Government powers or he could be an alien. 
Next to Michelle Obama in the next box is a clock like picture...with twelve hour marks on it. Its hands are on the 11, 2, 5, 8. If you take 11+2=13 (one baktun of time) and 5+8 again is 13 or one baktun of time. This indicates the last two baktuns are finished. 
The long reptile is spewing out water which is indicated mostly by its colour. Had it been fire there would have been an orange or reddish tint to it, but this could be either a  devastating flood or a symbol of cleansing or renew. Possible involvement of a reptilian species. Remember Earth was once ruled by reptiles and may yet be again.
The History Channel reported:
"The last page of the Dresden codex actually shows the destruction of the world via water…"
"This graphic illustration depicts the destruction of the earth by flood…Others see it as a day of rebirth…Others see it literally, with very severe consequences (Mayan Doomsday Prophecy, Decoding the Past. Original air date 08/03/06)."

Notice what Mark Van Stone at the website of the Foundation for the Advancement of MesoAmerican Studies, Inc. states:
"In any case, p. 74 of the Dresden does indeed appear to be a Flood, maybe even the one described in the Popol Vuh…Except there are no people being washed away, nor other indications of destruction, except the black warrior God L, who also presided at the 4 Ajaw 3 Kumk’u Creation (3114 BC) on the Vases of the 7 Gods and of the 11 Gods…"

So although the "transit of Venus" does happen in 2012, and is part of the Mayan Dresden Codex, this does not mean that the world ends this year. Perhaps the water is a symbol of cleansing...meaning humans everywhere experience a higher level of awareness all at once, changing our species forever...technology can do this and is. We will find out in...79 more days. SCW


  1. The event is said to happen at 11:11 a.m. GMT. I can see four elevens on one panel. The witch with the crossbones helping poison the waters (Hillary Clinton)...she wears the crossed bones of Yale. One way to destroy the world by water without flooding it would be to poison it. That water is tinged in black...oil? corexit? radiation?

  2. Doubt very much if the Codex was written by Mayan Indians, but by ET's that occupied the area thousands of years ago, which was later occupied by the Mayans. The Codex was meant for civilizations living in todays time - at the end of the cycle of time, so it has hints and suggestions that we will recognize relating to our lives today.
    The number 13 may be important for a couple of reasons, the Astrologically the Zodiac begins with Aries and ends with Pisces - civilization has traveled through all 12 signs and is starting over again with Aquaraius - this is the 13th of traveled signs.
    The alligator represents the Age of Aquarius, which once represented the sign in some countries.
    The area that you say is a woman identified as Michelle or Hillary is NOT a woman at all. The brown area shows a large face, perhaps representing God or the ET's, indicating the time of their return.
    The clock shows 11 & 5 because it represents Aquarius, the Age we will be living in at the 'end'; and directly across from the 11 (Aquarius) is 5 which is the sign Leo, which represents fire and the Sun. The 2 & 8 are also directly across from each other on the Astrological wheel, these signs are Taurus and Scorpio. It was during the Age of Taurus that mankind was living when the Earth experienced the Great Flood, which is seen in sign of Scorpio - the water sign or #8. In other words, the Earth was once destroyed by flood and this time it will be destroyed by Fire. Taurus represents the builder, or Noah. Betty Matteson Rhodes the-red-thread.net

  3. Forgot to add this part: The black man would be Obama who is operating as a black man (when it suits him) notice how his hands and feet are white. The Eagle looks to be in distress. The man above him may be Biden or it may be Bush, prior president before Obama. Can't make out the gadget in front of the top man unless it is a water cooler LOL.

  4. Who is the brown guy in the picture with the snake on his head though?

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