Swirling Crop Circle Found On Farmers Field, Germany On May 15, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery:  May 15, 2016
Location of discovery: Brandenburge, Germany

This swirling crop circle was found this week in Germany and has six long moon-like lines going near its center, which also makes the pressed down area...which are six more lines. The center look more like a hexagon than a circle. So does this mean 6-1-6, or June 16th? Perhaps a special event will take place on this date. Whats your take on this crop circle? Can you break its code?
Scott C. Waring


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    1. 6 dark swirls, 6 light swirls, one massive massive center. Also the center is a hexagon...6 sides. So I got 6,16 or 666.

    2. I saw UFO that day in Glasgow, Scotland around 9pm

  2. I think people have too much time on their hands. Boards and rope job. Nice artwork though.

  3. Trisquel celta of six points, was a stone device used in celtic houses of Pensinsula Ibérica (Spain northwest - Galicia - and North of Portugal) like a method for cooling or refresing houses.

  4. Anyway, this «celtic stone art» have about 2.300-3.000 years, and you will find more visiting this page, here: http://flickrhivemind.net/Tags/celta,trisquel/Interesting

  5. I'm guessing the reddish traces by the tracks is a bogus attempt of radiation. Hard to tell... need to see how the crop is bent or broken and the pattern. Who knows. Nice work Scott. Thanks.

  6. Peace Revolution Logo https://peacerevolution.net/docs/en/peace-revolution-logo The White areas of the logo represent serenity, purity, and brightness of the mind.

    The Blue background represents the unifying power, strength, and harmony of those with wisdom. Their great compassion and purity gives them the determination to bring world peace to fruition.

    The Spiral Form represents the eternal flow of pure energy emanating from universal knowledge.

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    Each Arm of the Spiral Form represents the essential purity that streams from our common heritage, and from every nationality, religion, and ethnicity coming together in happiness.

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  7. Great description. Thank you. Very interesting.

  8. 16 June 2016. Yip, the 16 plus month 6 = 22 ( like in the 22 in Pi ) The year 2016 ( 20 +16 = 36 ) The perfect circle. Applying these method of adding numbers brings us to a once in 990 year time period. And ya, the 666 in the Bible is actually 616. it was wrongly translated.For more on these approach get my link on FB ( decoding bible codes, pyramids and general numbres 42 )


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