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Crop Circle With Hidden Code Found In Wiltshire Field, UK May 28, 2020, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 28, 2020
Location of discovery: Wiltshire, UK

This crop formation was discovered in Wiltshire last week. I have long believed that crop formations are messages left behind by aliens in hopes that humanity could decipher them and change the future with that knowledge. 

This formation seems to have a code built into it. It has a large circle further out from the rest of the other 17 circles. Then within some of the circle are little peg like pillars, which also mean something. Or it could be a new element structure that we need to know how to make in order to create free energy? What ever it has a code and if you can break it, you may change the world as we know it. 
Scott C. Waring 


Cloaked UFO Spotted Hiding On Top Of Cloud In Canada Under Passenger Jet, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 21, 2017
Location of sighting: Quebec, Canada
Source: MUFON #94608

Wow! This person witnessed a disk shaped empty space on the top of a clouds while flying over Canada last year. I have never seen such a ring on the top of the clouds before, but many reports of them below the clouds have been recorded. 

You see, a UFO will leave a gap in the clouds no matter what! Even when its cloaked like it is here. Yes, the UFO is still there and from its size it looks to be about a half a mile across. If the UFO flew through the clouds, it would leave a perfect hole visible, much like the O'hare airport sighting witnessed by many approve workers and pilots as they saw a disk rise up into the clouds leaving a gaping hole that was visible for over 15 minutes. 

This is another great sighting that is absolute proof that UFOs do visit our skies and hover slowly observing the inhabitants below. 

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

Eyewitness states: 
There is a circle in the clouds? Maybe fuel from a UFO?


Newest Crops Circle Found In Wiltshire, UK On May 2018, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Location of discovery: Willoughby Hedge, Nr Mere, Wiltshire, UK
Date of discovery: May 2018 

Here is an drones view of a crop formation found in Wiltshire, UK this week. Inside the circle is a six pointed object. On the edge of the circle are four round patches, possibly planets. Inside the circle are one patch that could be a planet and and an location where there should be a round patch but has nothing there. 

It has been long believed that crop formations are messages sent from aliens who cannot travel here themselves. Also some say these are the landing marks of the UFOs. 

Scott C. Waring


Crop Circles Discovered In Farmers Field In England On April 18, 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: April 18, 2017
Location of discovery: Tarlton, Gloucestershire, England

This crop formation was found this week and has some marks in the field that I believe were made by a space ship landing in it to analyse the genetic make up of the crop and also we see two orb smaller ships that move with it. Have you ever seen a glowing orb in the sky, then noticed on film it looked like it has a spinning moon orbiting it ever once ever second or two? Well, these marks are from those smaller orbs. 
Scott C. Waring


Swirling Crop Circle Found On Farmers Field, Germany On May 15, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery:  May 15, 2016
Location of discovery: Brandenburge, Germany

This swirling crop circle was found this week in Germany and has six long moon-like lines going near its center, which also makes the pressed down area...which are six more lines. The center look more like a hexagon than a circle. So does this mean 6-1-6, or June 16th? Perhaps a special event will take place on this date. Whats your take on this crop circle? Can you break its code?
Scott C. Waring 


Crop Formation Found In Small Farming Community of Victoria, Honduras On Nov 28, 2015, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 28, 2015
Location of sighting: Victoria, Honduras

UFOs that land often land in tall fields of grass because it offers the aliens a way of hiding while they look around. This way they are not attacked or seen. They take a lot of precautions...and very few risks, since their life span is thousands of years or more. The field does not look like they were trying to leave a message. Just doing scientific studies.
Scott C. Waring

News states:
Source: El Tiempo (Honduras) and Planeta UFO (Argentina) Date: 11.28.2015 

Residents of Yoro Alarmed by Alleged UFO HONDURAS. Residents of the town of Victoria, Yoro, are alarmed by an alleged flying object that supposedly landed in the vicinity. According to reports, the area was completely destroyed, which could be due to the power of the "phenomenon." Following the event, local residents are on high alert to the presence of an alleged UFO, an event which -- according to them - had never occured in that area. At the moment, the nature of what could have caused such damage to the area remains unknown. [Translation (c) 2015 S.Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]


Crop Circle In Wheat Field, Aliens Trying To Communicate Warning? Argentina, Nov 7, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: November 7, 2015
Location of discovery: Malabrigo, Santa Fe, Argentina

Crop circle have been around for thousands of years, recorded in ancient literature, paintings and walls. Its been long believed that the circles are messages sent from the heavens to humans. Today we believe they are messages sent from aliens. Not all crop formations are real, only about 10-15% are real. This one looks real, and seems to contain a message. To me, it looks like a warning about a meteor impact coming. Its showing an orbit around Earth, and then it shows the location where it will hit in the north western hemisphere...but no date. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
No prints, no noise, but in the middle of a field Malabriguense marks that appeared strange to people living in the area. Are we in the presence of extraterrestrial phenomenon? Just over a year ago it was in a field located eight kilometers from the city woke up with strange circular marks; Now the phenomenon is repeated but in a wheat field and just meters from the population. No explanation, the fact is that the strange "drawing" managed to surprise the inhabitants of Malabrigo among astonishment and uncertainty want to unravel the mystery.


Mysterious Crop Circles Re-Appear in Russian Field 10 Years Later Says ABC News, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 21, 2015
Location of discovery: Russia
News Source:

News states:
Similar unexplained patterns appeared in the field near the city of Tolgiatti 10 years ago, drawing Russian UFO enthusiasts to speculate about their origins.


Crop Circle Found In Farmers Field At Dorset, England On May 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 2015
Location of discovery: Blindfold, Dorset, England

This crop circle found this week in England almost resembles the old Norse art for the viking era. The farmer has requested that people not come to visit and that understandable. If this was made by a UFO or if it was man made, the farmer doesn't care. He lost some of his crop and thats never good. It would be nice to have some geiger counter readings from the field or magnetic field reading. SCW


Newest Crop Circle In England On June 21, 2014, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 21, 2014
Location of sighting: Popham, Hampshire, England

This six point star was discovered this week in the UK. Its design is simple compared to many we have see in the past, however the edges (lines) are so smooth and even that it looks to be made by aliens. Amazing detail and incredible footage of this formation. SCW


Crop Circle Found In Dorset, England On June 2014, Drone View, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: June 2014
Location of discovery: Hod Hill, Hanford, Dorset, England

Eyewitness states:
We filmed this crop circle at Hod Hill near Hanford in Dorset. It's the first crop circle to be reported in June 2014 but not the first crop circle in Dorset this year, the other one being the Hambledon Hill crop circle near Iwerne in April.

Visit for more.


Circles Appear in the sea in front of Croatian islands, Residents Fearful That Aliens Are The Cause, May 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 2014
Location of discovery: Croatian Islands

Many unusual circles have appeared around the Croatian islands, causing the residents to worry. Some even say its aliens that cause it, because they often see circle formations in the sky above the location the circle are in the water. The circles are evenly spaced apart and are found around several islands. SCW

Like Croatia states: 
During last year’s routine underwater mapping, 28 perfect round shapes were discovered in the underwater vicinity of Dugi Otok Island. Each of them has 50 meters in length, and the circles are 300 meters away from each other. They consist of unexpectedly rough terrain, devoid of any floral life, as if some Godzilla-like being walked the Adriatic’s bottom, leaving its circular footsteps in the underwater grassland.

"At first we thought it was some sort of photo manipulation, so we dived at one of the locations, and sure enough, the circles were there. They had a perfect edge, as if someone pulled the Posidonia out with a corkscrew."


UFOs Create A Crop Circle In Australia On April 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: April 7, 2014
Location of discovery: Muckaty Station, Tennant Creek, Australia
NT News Source:

Its a well known fact that UFO landing spots do emit radiation and often doing damage to the plants below the UFO. Here we see the damage is very much so that the bare ground is exposed showing the landing place of a UFO. The fact that the farmer admits to frequently seeing UFO around his farm adds to the evidence at hand. This kind of dirt formation has been found before after UFO sightings. Not all crop circles are just bent grass, often they are dead zones in circle shapes. SCW

NT News states:
Mr Aylett said he had seen UFOs at Muckaty Station for many years but they have never bothered to visit him.

“I’ve been trying to get them to come and have a beer, a steak and a yarn, but the bastards won’t come near me.”

On the Tuesday after Easter, Mr Aylett said he saw what looked like rectangular clouds in the sky as he drove back to the station from Elliott.

Prior to the crop circle sighting, the remote station had been drenched by rain, making the road inaccessible in the wet, but once it dried out the strange shape became clear. (More at source).


Updated: Nvidia Fakes Crop Circle in Salinas, California - It Contains Message! - December 30, 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Update: Jan 7, 2014, News states "Nvidia Admits Monterey Country Crop Circle Was Publicity Stunt! Click here to read.

It looks like this is a publicity stunt...however there are groups that cover up alien info and signs by trying to discredit them with no one when it comes to companies trying to take credit. SCW

Date of discovery: December 30, 2013
Location of discovery: Salinas, California, USA

News states: 
According to several experts, the crop formation which appeared in Salinas, California on December 30, actually contains a message encoded in braille. KSBW consulted braille transcriber Debra Falanga, as well as orchestra conductor Carl Christensen, and both agree the dots are braille and the message is "192". It translates directly as:

192 192

B 192 1

192 192

"It's fascinating. I don't know what it means, but it's readable," Falanga said. "Those dots are in very specific order. It's so perfect it's almost like a machine did it. They are not off in any way, shape, or form."

"Now we just need to follow the 192 clue!" Christensen said.


UPDATED: Crop Circle Made By Nvidia in Salinas California , TV News Video, 12/30/13, UFO Sighting News.

Update: Jan 7, 2014, News states "Nvidia Admits Monterey Country Crop Circle Was Publicity Stunt! Click here to read. 

It looks like this is a publicity stunt...however there are groups that cover up alien info and signs by trying to discredit them with no one when it comes to companies trying to take credit. SCW
Click on photo to enlarge.

Date of discovery: December 30, 2013
Location of discovery: Salinas, California, USA

This amazing crop formation was found over night and seems to depict some kind of message. It also looks a lot like a circuit CPU of sorts. Perhaps you can decipher its meaning. If so please leave a comment below. SCW


Crop Circle Appears In Brazil Causing Stir In Small Village To Find Its Meaning, Nov 2, 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: November 2, 2013
Location of discovery: Ipuacu, Brazil

News states: 
A crop circle has made ​​its appearance in the south of Brazil, exactly in the fields around the town of Ipuaçu. Journalists, TV and fans are interested in the appearance of the meaning of the formation that appeared on the night of Saturday, November 2, 2013. It sits within a field of wheat. The same journalists were consulted and interviewed many people, then the farmer and owner of the field who marvels of the appearance of this strange design. The Ufologist Brazilian Ivo Dhol said on local television that the training has a diameter of about 70 meters and a design too perfect to have been created by someone. The locals believe that to create this pictogram have been UFOs.


Crop Circle Found In Field At Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, England July 15, 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 15, 2013
Location of discovery: Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, England

Crop formation didn't start in the 1940s-1950s like many skeptics say. Precious few references have been found in early historical records that point to possible crop circles. Probably the most renowned is the "Mowing Devil" case of 1678, in which a farmer's field was said to have been visited by a devilish entity that trampled the crops down in a circle. The event was captured for posterity on a wood engraving, but today's modern cerealogical sceptics dismiss its relevance. Professor Robert Plot published a book entitled "A Natural History of Staffordshire" in 1686, in which he made passing reference to rings, circles and other shapes found in grassy fields. Much debate has ensued over Plot's observations; detailed as his notes were, some researchers still consider his evidence flimsy at best. They feel it more likely that Plot was describing "fairy rings" caused by common fungi. For many more, the jury is still out. Despite having been on both sides of the fence in the past, it is nonetheless my belief that any evidence for early crop circles - however vague - must be considered if we are to remain true to the open spirit of cerealogical research.


New Crop Circle Discovered In Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, England On June 25, 2013.

Date of discovery: June 25, 2013
Location of discovery: Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, England

This is a very interesting crop formation and if you can decipher its meaning please leave it in comments and also tell us how you came to that conclusion. This seems to be a normal crop circle, but look at its location. What else do you see? Its Silbury Hill, which is a prehistoric artificial chalk hill. It reaches 40 meters high and covers 5 acres. Archaeologists calculate that Silbury Hill was built about 4,750 years ago and that it took 18 million man-hours, or 500 men working for 15 years to deposit and shape 248,000 cubic metres of earth and fill on top of a natural hill. No simple late Neolithic tribal structure as usually imagined could have sustained this and similar projects, and envisages an authoritarian theocratic power elite with broad-ranging control across southern Britain.

Are aliens trying to send a message and what does it mean? Well start off using mathematics because it seems to be a universal language. SCW


50 Pound Ice Ball Drops From UFO As Sudden Crop Circle In Shape Of Two Moons Appears in Gray, Tennessee On May 3, 2013.

Date of sighting: Crop Circle, May 13, 2013
Date of sighting: Ice ball, May 10, 2013
Location of sighting: Gray, Tennessee, USA

It doesn't take a genius to add two and two. Its more than obvious both these amazing phenomenons are directly related since they happened within 72 hours of each other. A giant mass of ice fell from the sky near some playing children in a field and less than a mile away a crop formation was discovered in a farmers field in the shape of several moons tied together.

Both those things alone are great evidence that UFOs are doing some kind of mission over the city of Gray, but add into this that the city has a minuscule population of only 1,222 (Wikipedia) and then you notice that the chances that a UFO would be noticed has also dropped dramatically compared to say the city of Los Angeles, CA which has a population of 3,792,621 (Wiki). Less people means less chances that aliens or UFOs would be noticed in the area. Its the perfect location for them to do their experiments or what have you and not be seen.

Also, the news believes that this was a presumptive as they always are. Notice the depth of the hole? The truth of the matter is (I am an collector of meteorites) that any ice meteor would have burned up in the atmosphere and also NO MEGACRYOMETEORITE FALLING FROM 150 MILES UP AND TRAVELING AT A SPEED OF 11-70KM PER SECOND WOULD MAKE A SHALLOW HOLE! That being said, if it hit near the kids the impact would have created an explosion from the speed alone that would have decimated the kids and their home not to mention make an incredibly deep and wide crater...big enough to give the kids a new swimming pool...sorry, neighbours kids since these kids would be dead. 

In other words, since the depth of the hole made was that of only 2-3 inches...this fell from only about 50-60 meters up. Probably fell from a UFO that had too much ice clinging to it from space, and since they are a million or more years ahead of us in technological evolution...their ship would be cloaked. Ice clinging to spacecraft could gather through space the longer the distance traveled.

I predict that if a small UFO group was formed in Gray armed with camcorders and night vision as well as infrared cameras, we will be seeing some amazing evidence to the fact. SCW


Crop Circle Formation Discovered In England, Oct 14, 2012.

Date of discovery: Oct 14, 2012
Location of discovery: Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire, England

Eyewitness states:
"Having seen an aircraft circle near windmill hill this morning I went to have a look. From a distance there looks like there is something in the field but I could not be certain. I did not have suitable footwear  to go and check it out properly. I have attached the best photographs I could get with the equipment I had. Jim Patent."