Please report any UFO videos and photo to me on Twitter, UFO Sighting News.👽👽👽

Guys I just wanted to let you know to send any photos or videos to me using direct message (DM) on twitter. I was a MUFON rep but apparently they changed leadership and I got a half dozen emails asking me to stop sharing their videos and info. They even mentioned their legal team...to intimidate me into submission. I'm very concerned how the MUFON public information is being used and why it's being kept secret from the public. For years there has been rumor that MUFON was part of the US gov coverup, but I didn't believe it until I got those emails. This is why all MUFON info has stopped on this site. And this is why I ask all public eyewitnesses to send in their video and photos to me...because I guarantee to get them out to the public. 

MUFONs actions make me wonder...whats the whole point of reporting eyewitness video and photo to them anyways? What is that information used for if it's not shared with the public? Who is using that information if it's not for use for the public? Terrifying possibilities in answers to those questions. 

Scott C. Waring 

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