August 31, 2012

Huge Alien Structure Revealed - Far Side of the Moon, NASA Photos.

Here is a video which depicts a massive rectangular shaped impression into the dark side of the moon, accompanied with straight raised tier and terraces. This massive structure is situated right next to the Zeeman Crater. Unfortunately, the most recent images we get from NASA have been air brushed, but the original one’s from the 1960′s clearly show this object in this video. To see both the original and air brushed images go to Google Earth / Moon, and enter these coordinates:
Long: 73° 08′ 30 S  Lat: 145° 40′ 40 W


  1. ken pfeifer of world ufo photos discovered this object on the moon.

  2. where on the moon is that?

    1. Hmmm...good question. I will make an updated video of how to find it in two different ways. Look for the new post Monday or Tuesday.