October 4, 2012

Triangle UFO Seen Over California During Sunset, Oct 2, 2012.

Date of sighting: October 2, 2012
Location of sighting: Century City, California, USA

Eyewitness states:
"I was at work on the 15th floor of a skyscraper and noticed a beautiful sunset developing when looking out my office window which faces west. Noticed the object as the sunlight appeared to reflect off of it. At first, I thought the object was a cloud. Then I noticed that it appeared to have substance and the constant shape. It was hovering. I then noticed that there appeared to be a trail leading up to the object. That trail became more and more visible as the sighting continued. I invited several of my coworkers to observe it. We were all somewhat mystified and mesmerized by it. Didn't lose sight of it until I hand to leave the building for the day." 

MUFON Source Photos:

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