Rectangle UFO hiding In Clouds OVer Hirtshals, Denmark On March 7, 2013.

Date of sighting: March 7, 2013
Location of sighting: Hirtshals, Denmark

Eyewitness states:
As I stood and took pictures of this strange phenomenon in the middle of the square in Hirtshals at night, the police came wondering to me and winked at me with their lamp on the roof of the car. They found perhaps quite strange I stood there in the dark with something that looked like a machine gun on a tripod, and it was just a camera on a tripod :-) I do not know what they were thinking. But I went to them and asked if they had seen the strange luminous square in the sky. One cop stuck his head out of the window and said yes he could see there was something, and I think he found it a little strange which it certainly was.

Second Eyewitness states below his video comments: 

OMG flying home yesterday there were square clouds. No camera but I could not believe it. square clouds. Wish Wish I could have gotten pics.


  1. Rectangle UFO hiding In Clouds Over Hirtshals, Denmark On March 7, 2013. Is not a UFO, its man made, NASA and ESA has confirmed. It was a military project.

  2. Saw same shape today. May 11, 2015. From between 1 am - 3 am and ongoing. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It didn't move. We all watched in amazement. Never seem that there before. Light could not have shone up through clouds because, if so that light would shine through clouds passing underneath the rectangle shape?

  3. Saw same shape in clouds in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have a photo too. A group of us saw it. From around 1 am - 3 am and ongoing.

  4. Clouds floated below the rectangle shape without light hitting them. Therefore the rectangle seem to eminate light itself. Very vaguely outlined rectangle.


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