June 25, 2013

Three Alien Faces On Mars, NEW! Using Google Map, June 24, 2013 UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: June 24, 2013
Location of discovery: Three Craters Above Ares Vallis, Mars

I was looking over Google Mars map and came across this amazing face on the side of the crater. I thought it was really cool, but wasn't going to report it...then I found the other two faces all about the same position on the craters. All the craters are lined up one after the other and all the faces are either looking left or right. 

The faces of the intelligent species out there are the most important evidence next to meeting them in person. The fact that this is direct evidence that we are not alone in the universe makes these faces even more significant. What great deeds did these three aliens do that gave reason to preserve their faces on the surface of Mars? 

We are looking at three distinctly different species of aliens here. One seems to have a sheep like face with tentacles hanging from its chin (maybe beard). Another has a very long face. And yet another that looks very similar to our human species except its chin is sharper and longer than our own. This is the real universe and now we know…we are not alone and never have been. 

These faces can be found if you type "Ares Vallis," into the search box and move above it to the three craters side by side. Good luck and you might find something I didn't.