The Site Almost Hit The 20 Million Views Mark! Some questions readers often ask me.

Hey this is really overwhelming. My site is about to hit the 20 million viewers mark. Let me say thank you to each and every one of you for visiting. I really appreciate having others come to visit with the same interests. A little known fact, the first few posts I made on this site five years ago were actually poems of city life getting 5-10 views a week. I don't often talk about myself, because I'm insignificant, alien evidence is more important. Also I want to stop for a second and answer some common questions about me. I owe you that. I am sorry I can't answer every email, but I am very busy lately as a teacher in Taiwan, teaching and getting the classrooms ready for Christmas.

1. Why do you do this site?  Most people ask me this and they never seem to like the answer. I do it to raise the level of awareness of humanity about the things around them.

2. Are you making money with this site? No, not at all. No Google adds or anything. If you see adds on the videos, it makes money for Youtube or some other person who posted the video, not for me. Money is not important to me...learning is. I chose to become a teacher back in 6th grade.

3. Did you made this site to make money with your books? LOL, no! I wrote the books to impress my son...which failed miserably. I used his name as the main character, except the UFO book. I get checks from the publisher. I cashed the first few. I have more than 8 un-cashed checks and probably a lot more laying around the house in places. Yes its in the thousands. Why not cash them? Its not why I wrote them.

4. If you don't make money, what are you gaining from all this? Knowledge. I am learning with you. Every year of posts makes me better and better at understanding aliens.  I am trying to find the faces of most alien species out there so we can know them, even if they hide from us. Also I may catch the ear of aliens out there who may see these posts on the Internet...It would be nice to meet an alien species.

5. Why don't you debunk UFO sightings to help others tell which are real and which are not? Well, I have a masters degree in Counseling Education and yes I use it on the site. What I mean is if I mention a hoaxer and announce to the world that he is a fraud, it only elevates his fame on the net. As Madonna said back in the 1980s, any publicity is good publicity. She was right, so I refrain from talking about the numerous sites and Youtube video channels that make fake sightings. Instead I try hard to avoid them altogether and focus on the honest ones. The hoaxers are only trying to get their own reality show or money from adds.

6. Have you ever had a UFO sighting? Yeah, a few, but I never had a camera to catch the biggest ones. The biggest was in 1989-1990 in Rapid City, SD with more than 25 glowing florescent orbs about 25 meters across, strange the EAFB where I worked (15 miles away) base never sent any fighters to investigate. I did however catch some small ones. In 2012 I recorded the first UFO of 2012 during New Years in  Taipei...oh and hundreds of others uploaded their videos after I did of it. Right now I carry two cameras everywhere I go. A cell phone and a Sony camcorder.

7. Whats an easy way to catch a UFO? Take 30 minutes for 7 days to watch the sunset. Record anything unusual and look at it later the computer. The larger computer screen allows you to see more detail and UFOs are most often seen during sunset. The setting suns angle is 90 degrees more on one side of the UFO causing it to become visible for 30 seconds to 12 minutes. Also, the term "sun dog" was invented by the US govt to confuse the public from knowing the truth. Those so called sun dogs are actual UFOs.

8. I have a video, how do I send it to you? Its best to send it to the world by uploading it to Youtube. Also put it on in HD and put the words "UFO Sighting" with the location, date, time and at least one paragraph of your eyewitness testimony of what you experienced. Most UFO researches search Youtube daily for the newest videos.

9. Can I use information, photos, videos from this site? Yes. I give full permission to use anything on this site to help spread the word about the existence of aliens. Use it for sites, news, TV shows or whatever. I do not need credit, but if you mention the my sites name that would be cool. This site has spawned a lot of fans who told me they made their own UFO site after being a faithful reader here. I think thats awesome. The more the merrier.

10. Why do you teach? I wanted to be a teacher since I was in 6th grade. I have always wanted this. Just last week another teacher saw me here in Taiwan and asked me why I was always smiling. I told him I love what I do. When I graduated from ISU as a teacher I had a single thought in my head, to change the world. I did, and I am still changing it for the better by teaching classes with kids ages 3 to 15 English. Hey, and this site makes a big change itself, but this site is more all of you than just me. Its all of us, looking for the truth on our own.

If I missed your question, post it here and I will answer it ASAP.

Scott C. Waring
UFO Sightings Daily