July 6, 2013

UFO Fleet Of Glowing Orbs Over Chicago Recorded On July 3 And July 4, 2013,

Date of sighting: July 4, 2013
Location of sighting: Chicago, Illinois, USA

A massive amount of glowing UFOs were seen over Chicago during July 4th and several breathtaking videos were taken of the event. Even the eyewitnesses are still scratching their heads over this one so have a look and if you were in Chicago please tell us about what you saw. SCW

This person who posted the 1st video below states:
This footage was filmed by a friend of mine whos from Chicago, USA. He filmed this on 07/04/13, Independence Day from his balcony. The bright, flashing light at around the middle of the video is apparently a firework going off, cause you can hear the sound shortly after. He posted this on his Facebook, and since I'm into UFO stuff I found this footage pretty awesome, cause stable, clear recordings of these things are rare. I give you my word for this to be not edited or to be fake in any way.

Another person posted a 2nd video below and states:
fleet of ufo's heading east then north, filmed from Bridgeport, Chicago illinois 2:10 am the 4th of july. technically the fifth, after the fireworks had stopped.

The video below was taken by the 3rd eyewitness and states:
Last night when I left the office, I walked to my car on 2400 N. Spaulding and looked up and saw 2 orange orbs with very close proximity from each other, I would say 30 ft. apart and maybe 1500 feet off the ground. Then I saw another two more orbs flying, which this video covers. Not airplanes, usually you would see blinking lights or the red and green lights underneath in a triangular fashion, not a balloon with a haybale on fire, very quiet, no jet engine noise, just flying casually across the sky. I saw at least 5 different orbs heading in a north direction. Flying way too slow to be an airplane. I don't think planes can stay up in the sky traveling at 20mph. Looked like a small star flying across sky. Started video taping it for documentation. UFO's do exist, I would say they're just probes checking how far advanced humanity is. (Or maybe the orbs are actually gov't UAV's or drones, wish I had a superzoom lens.) Enjoy.

Strangely enough, there was also a similar sighting of a similar UFO orb fleet, just one day earlier in Chicago, however the orbs appear to be white or light blue.

The video below was taken July 3, 2013 in Chicago.

Poster of the video states: This video was provided by a viewer, and part of a segment for WBBM Newsradio 780 and CBSChicago.com