Missing Flight MH370 Found? On Google Earth Map Near Cape Of Good Hope, March 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: March 2, 2016
Location of discovery: Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Google Earth Coordinates:  34°21'21.82"S   18°28'56.02"E
Date of Google Earth Photo: 7/26/2015

Update: March 12, 2016. I sent a message to Malaysian Airlines on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even Youtube, but as of yet, no response about it. I tried guys. 

I was looking around the Cape of Good Hope for an old UFO sighting I found there years ago, and was hoping to make an update when I came across a shadow in the water. The shadow resembled an airliner. I use to work on B-1 bombers back at Ellsworth SD, at a SAC during my USAF days. I know a plane when I see one. I certainly crawled onto them and in them enough. 

Some sources on the Internet put a Boeing 777-200 fuel at having a range of 12,779 km, which is 1,000 more than it needs to get to Cape of Good Hope, however other sources states that the aircraft has a range of only 10,000 km, so thats  a problem, because then it would crash about 300-500 km from Cape of Good Hope. 

The Google Earth photo is dated 7/26/2015, and it crashed on 3/8/2014. Its had 16 months of moving about. The Cape of Good Hope is going to have powerful currents moving around it with deep crevices, and since the photo on Google is 8 months old, it could have moved 30-60km away if its semi-floating only 4-9 feet under the water. 

I will go to Twitter and tweet this to Malasian Airways @MAS to let them know. If you can retweet it, it will give it a better chance that they will see it, and consider it. My Twitter feed is @SCWbooks. I feel awful for those families who lost friends and family on this plane and I hope this might help get them closure. 
Scott C. Waring