August 2, 2013

Human-Alien Hybrid Aborted: Shocking Videos And Photos NSA and CIA Don't Want You To See!

Date of event: 2010
Location of event: Italy 

News states: 
The photos and videos you will see are supposedly a human/alien hybrid fetus, collected from an abortion performed on an Italian woman in 2010 who claims to have been abducted and impregnated by aliens. Aliens first began visiting Giovanna when she was 4 years old. She is now 41. The woman from Italy claims to have been impregnated by aliens several times. Apparently the creatures removed the other fetuses at around 2 months. Giovanna claims that the creatures speak to her telepathically and that they have told her they want to create a hybrid race that is genetically close to their species.Because we are supposedly biologically compatible with their race, we have been chosen. Or more specifically, Giovanna has been chosen to propagate their race by means of a new hybrid species. Giovanna relates that the aliens visited her often when she was a young girl. At that time the aliens would use her for research, collecting biological material (tissue and blood). Their nocturnal visits left marks on her body, along with a phosphorescence material that Giovanna says is something they use as a disinfectant to prevent her from getting infections from them and to prevent them from getting infections from her. When examined by researchers, the phosphorescent substance taken from Giovanna’s room provided evidence that the substance was not natural and that it included no nitrates or phosphor. It was also magnetic. Doctors also found something implanted in Giovanna’s head but could find no scar indicating how the object got inside her head. The object implanted was of undetermined origin and could not be qualified.
With her cell phone, Giovanna took photos of the spacecraft and aliens that are referred to as “raptors,” reptilian-like creatures. The images appear not to have not been altered. When Giovanna was sent to be examined for her pregnancy, doctors found a cardiac rhythm that was similar to that of a baby’s cardiac rhythm. But they could find no baby, and because Giovanna was having problems with the fetus, doctors performed an abortion. What they found was a placenta and a hybrid human.


  1. This is tragic news. My question is, why did her story make it public and others like her didn't? Another question is if these Alien creatures are all powerful loaded with technology why do they need humans and animals to help the Aliens reproduce their offspring? I personally would not want to bring in a living being into existence suffering with messed up DNA being part animal, part Alien, and part human. That would be selfish of those who forced a living being into the world to be some humanoid bi-product. Also how would it level in human right laws, we can hardly get along as humans with a world of plant life and animals, now these Aliens who have done so many sick things to us and we let sick humans in office or power of some kind inflict this on us? I say they keep it secret for this reason, to avoid a rebellion on our part.

    Bless that lady's heart, I can't imagine what she emotionally went through. That is so unjust of her to be forced into a situation like that. I am sure when she was a child , that event was not apart of her wishes and dreams come true in life. Aliens are jerks wicked evil spirits who deserved to be drowned in the flood in the days of Noah in the bible. Stupid selfish Watchers in the beginning that took advantage of fallen mankind.

  2. If this story is true the aliens would require humans or other similay creature to breed due to an over exposure to space itself. Spending long periods of time in space will cause the body to loose mass. As it is, experiments by N.A.S.A show that even lab mice can NOT breed right in space as the body does not form.corectly without constant gravity. The offspring would be born small and organs would be weak. They in turn would not be capable of breeding as theur body would not survive. If an alien race survived the life expectancy of their own world they would not be able to live or breed properly. Most likely surviving as cyborg like beings with artificial organs, or clone's close but not exact to the origonal species

    1. Its a turtle that was taken out of its shell