October 21, 2013

UFO Following Apollo 11 Module Across The Moon Surface, Photo-Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: October 2013
Location of discovery: South of crater Schuster, Earths Moon
Coordinates: 0.53N, 146.11E
Mission: Apollo 11

Here we have a UFO shooting across the moons surface caught by the Apollo 11 mission photos. The craft seems to be cigar shaped with a jet-like contrail behind it. In the original photo, it is in the upper center area. Perhaps this craft was following the Apollo 11 module as it orbited the moon. SCW


  1. i couldn't find it in the photo. what am I doing wrong

    1. It is there,you just have to enlarge it a lot.

  2. I found this one & many more similar.You have to blow it up a lot to see it,but it is there.

  3. It is there,you have to enlarge it at least 200% to see it.I have found many such objects in the Apollo images,great source of unexplained objects.Keeping in mind,that there are a lot of photo errors that could get mistaken as something.If it has a shadow,at least you know.And also,you have to remember that nasa has tried to hide these objects.


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