April 13, 2014

Underwater Alien Cities in the Andes of Peru, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 23, 2007
Location of discovery: Andes Mountains, Peru
Source: Ceatorsdream of Youtube 

1st lake: 14°43'16.02”S 69°21'43.32”W
2nd lake: 14°37'33.29”S 69°22'39.12”W 
3rd lake: 14°38'27.09”S 69°21'53.46”W
4th lake: 14°38'25.70”S 69°25'13.88"W

Many of us have seen these circuit board like lakes all around the world, but they seem common in the Peru and Lima. They show a structures below the surface of the lake which reveal not an ancient civilization, but an advanced civilization...far beyond our own. These structures are just the surface...they are the entrances to their cities 4-6km below the Earths surface. Sure this was recorded in 2007, but today most these lakes appear the same...unchanged and circuit board in appearance which tells me that this is not pixilation  because the 2007 Google photos and the 2014 show the same under water structures. They are there! SCW

Eyewitness states: 
I have run across some very interesting anomalies in lakes throughout the Andes Mountains in Peru. The images come from Google Earth and can be seen by anyone using this wonderful application. I came across these "Unidentified Underwater Anomalies - UWA's" while researching various places in the mountain region of Peru. As you probably know, there are quite a number of ancient ruins such as Machu Picchu that have been inhabited by the Inca and civilizations much older than the Inca. The other location which I found UWA's is in the northern central andes about 200 miles north-east of Lima. 


  1. why alien? people are smart enough to have done all of the things that get fobbed off as alien technology. lost high tech is a given these days. alien shmalien ;-D

  2. why alien? lost hi tech is a given these days... look around.

  3. You would be wiser to give coordinates of these spot so everyone can check it out by themself. Thanks

    1. I forgot to post them. I had it written down but it didn't get into the post. Coordinates are there now.

  4. Replies
    1. 1st lake: 14°43'16.02”S 69°21'43.32”W
      2nd lake: 14°37'33.29”S 69°22'39.12”W
      3rd lake: 14°38'27.09”S 69°21'53.46”W
      4th lake: 14°38'25.70”S 69°25'13.88"W

  5. This really piqued my curiosity, so I just googled a familiar lake (Bear Lake, UT.) and sure enough....NO "circuit board" design!
    Wow! I think we may be on to something!
    If you look at "Diego Garcia" on Google Earth you'll see a similar underwater circuit-board design in the harbor there.

  6. gle, has already fixed this problem.

    1. I checked and the lakes are still the same. No change. Still look like structures below. I also just now checked Apple maps, but they don't have the hi res imagery of the small (in Peru mountains only) lakes that Google map has.

  7. Hmm.. maybe my version's updated. Nice find though... might have to travel there soon.

    1. I will try to update mine if I can figure out how. Are you sure its one of the same lakes as in the video?

    2. Yeah or if you have any Android devices download Google Earth on that. Because I'm using a Samsung galaxy 10.1 tab.
      So I don't think my previous post got posted for some reason but...
      1st lake is dark blue making it impossible to see anything.
      I couldn't locate the 2nd lake with the coordinates.
      3rd lake was washed out with white color from a filter... but faint horizontal lines were visible.
      4th lake near La Rinconada is identical to the one on the video. Looks pretty awesome.
      Just one thing maybe you could try out, because I have no idea how haha. But putting a color filter that matches the lake's color, and put it over the land around the lake. To see if any patterns are continuous onto land portions of the image. Just another test to prove authenticity. Though I am a skeptic of somethings on this site, these lakes I believe really could be advanced life, or ancient civs.

  8. Yeah. I plugged in the coordinates into g. Earth and the first shows up (it's real dark blue). The 2nd couldn't be located, and the last two sets of coordinates the lakes were really glossy and the glare is baaaad.
    But I did notice faint lines in some parts of the lake.
    The type of g. Earth I'm using is from the android market place. Have it on a tablet not a phone. If you have the computer version, perhaps they differ a bit. And the copyright info at the center bottom says "2014 digital globe".
    Not sure though just a thought.

  9. Wouldn't it help if someone could apply some high-res forensic imaging software-processing to these images, to sharpen the detail and maybe to reveal other qualities not otherwise visible to the naked eye?

    1. Yes it would, but that kind of software is in the private sector only. Also it would cost a lot to develop, but we need it.

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  11. I believe at least some of these (lake Titicaca) are remains of ancient cities. There is a very good blog that goes into detail about it at nephicode.com. Use his blogs search engine for Titicaca and you''all find the posts about the people who build this city that was sunk in water in 33 AD.


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