June 18, 2014

3 Ways To Find Alien Base On Moon In Zeeman Crater, June 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: unknown, 1970s-80s.
Method 1: Google Earth Map, in moon mode. 
Method 2: http://webmap.lroc.asu.edu/lunaserv.html
Method 3: ipad app called "Moon Map Pro."

Coordinates:  73° 2'57.30"S  145° 1'44.98"W

Update: I forgot to say, on Google Moon Map, double click on "Global Maps" (lower right corner) which shows a list, then single click below it on "Lunar Orbiter Mosaic." Then the base is visible. 

I have been getting many requests for information about this one certain moon base in Zeeman crater.  Everyone is asking how to find it. It was found a long time ago...and not much info goes with the video. So I decided to try my best to explain 3 methods for finding it...four if you count using your iPhone, but that kind of the same as iPad so lets say 3. I am sorry if I sound and look tired in the video,  I have been working 12 hour days at work teaching. Thanks, SCW


Nick Smith said...

THIS has already been changed. I just installed google earth at work and the image is different.

Nick Smith said...


tommy shaw said...

yeah scott might be ancient base,need to watch in real time to see if it being used,but toward end the crater closest to find that looks like bridge built across crater,you didn't say anything about and the face is right in same location.with the all the other sighting I guess these planet overlords are keeping busy,also didn't watch video,but humanoid head sticking out of craft also very good,but not every clear but most of th video and photo's are made at great distances,good job keepum coming.

Graham Botfield said...

If you follow the crater around to 2 o'clock there is the outline of a face staring right at you.

Graham Botfield said...

If you follow the crater around to 2 o'clock you can see a face staring right at you. Did you not spot this?

George Hunter said...

Yes the alien base has gone, but go to Newton there are a few strange looking man made objects

George Hunter said...

To view the strange objects press Side button till you get to 137* at the South Pole point of moon and click on it

Mark Anderson said...

Hello,i would like to share little bit.Google Moon utilizes the Google Maps interface to show satellite pictures from the moon. The Apollo lunar arriving destinations are stamped, alongside some data about when they occured.
At the point when Google Moon was initially made, it was attached to an April Fool's Day joke. Zooming to the most extreme amplification on the moon's surface uncovered a picture of cheddar.Have a nice day.

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