October 20, 2014

Charlotte NC Man Sees A UFO And Has The Video To Prove It, Oct 2014, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: October 11, 2014, Sat
Location of sighting: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

When I took screenshots of the UFO as seen above, I noticed the UFO was triangle shape. This conforms the the Los Alamos Lab TR3B craft. The TR3B has a massive glowing circle in its center...its not glowing here, but it on the craft as seen in the below screenshot with altered lighting. This may be a UFO, but also could be TR3B test flight. One thing we do know...it was not a plane or helicopter. SCW 

News states: 
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Picture going outside on a Saturday night, looking up in the sky and seeing what appears to be a UFO.

That's what happened to Luis Rodriguez last weekend when he was taking his dog for a walk outside his apartment in the Arwen Vista Complex.

"Tried to make sense of it just like any other rational person would," Rodriguez said. "I thought it was a plane or some sort of aircraft that was just flying really low."

After watching it go across the sky he believes it was a UFO, a spaceship of some sort. NBC Charlotte sent the video to some experts at UNCC. (More at source).


  1. In January 1975 I saw a triangle shaped craft over Charlotte's eastside. It was around 3AM and I was up with my infant son. The object was massive in size! Probably the size of a baseball field! Appeared to be maybe 100' above the treetops and was completely silent. It moved very, very slowly. It was crossing over at a slight angle and I noticed 3 lights down one side, and was able to see one light on the opposite side near the front. At that point in time, I had never heard of triangle shaped UFO's.

  2. I have also been interested in the stars and feeling we are not alone the proof is all over the world. I for one had never seen anything, but I believe you and your pictures. I wish there was a meet up group in Charlotte that we could attend and maybe make a few good friends as we search for answers in the stars.

  3. Okay, So tonight me and my friends were playing a game outside. In the midst of light we saw something... It was tall and they had long necks, a long pointy head. Then there was another one, very small looking the same. All we saw was it being black. I don't know if this was a alien