May 5, 2015

Alien Hand Weapon Found On Mars, May 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 2015
Location of discovery: Mars 

On first look, this looks like any other Mars photos, but on closer inspection you find the ancient remnants of a war. A hand weapon with an upper and lower barrel. Strangely enough this same weapon is in the game series Halo. I mention Halo, because its a very popular game that has a very realistic and creative environment. One that shows technology and soldiers very similar to what we will one day see here on Earth. The weapons melted into the stone it sits on...I say...that was one hell of a battle. SCW


  1. I dont know if that's any kind of weapon but it is an odd shape. If you look at the picture on the NASA link it looks like there are several anomalies in it. Interesting indeed!

  2. I just watched this again believe it was art alien on YouTube. What the object laying down beside this equipment really looks like a long deceased alien soldier in a long coat his legs and feet are sticking out. Also other objects in the picture look like crash debre.

  3. The keel stabilizer

  4. in the back ground picture of that supposed wepon on mars.
    there is a mist in the distance..
    its one of our own deserts here on earth. the air on mars is
    to thin to form a mist. and to dry. the photo is a fake

  5. I wonder if anyone noticed the little guy waving in front of the alien hand weapon as scw described, at the lower left side is a little man or humanoid waving to the camera. he is trying to get the attention of what took the picture.

  6. Looking at an unexplored frontier. Mars has zero value at this moment. How could we justify the NASA budget? Archaeology. Until NASA discover something it's not worth anything, and NASA have spent lots of money so far, proving life doesn't exist on Mars. Another source of funding will be needed: archaeology. Unless NASA start making up discoveries to secure more funding.