January 29, 2016

Secret Base Found In Nepal Himalaya Mountains, But Is It Govt Or Alien? Jan 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 28, 2016
Location of sighting: Kang Tanga Mountain, Nepal
Coordinates: 27°47'43.40"N 86°49'6.40"E

This is an excellent discovery by MexicoGeek of Youtube. This dark area on Google map is in the Himalaya mountains. Its along the highest ridge. There are two possibilities why this occurred. 

First, this could be an open area only visible with high end digital equipment. Meaning this could be a entrance way for UFOs to enter and exit, but a holographic wall is created to cover up so no one will notice it. Its actually on the wall of a cliff, so that not the direction any climber would take. 

Second, Google may have deliberately covered up this area so that we cannot see a top secret US govt military facility. You say Area 51 is secret...no, thats old school. There are newer and more secret bases located around the globe. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. is this the same place???


  2. Or there could be a plane wreck or other human reamins.

  3. Scott, did you look for images of this site anywhere other Google Earth to collaborate the hypothesis?

    I did, and I found these two excellent images which show....... the side of a snowy entrance, no tunnels, no entrances, nothing that even remotely looks like anything other than rock, snow and ice.


    Also, if you go to Windhorse-Trek.com they have expeditions up to the Kantega mountain that this actually is. The fact that conduct regular treks in the area seems to discount anything secret being around there as it would be a no go zone for Joe Public.

    So sadly, while I admit Google frequently does have some extremely bad Photoshop work - check out the Kootenay Lake in British Columbia - I'm afraid that is nothing other than missing data which failed to render the mountain side to any degree of accuracy. Unless, of course, you can prove otherwise rather than reposting a link.

  4. I will be there in 2 weeks, I will take pictures and post them the fay I arrive there.

  5. Hollow earth theory seems to fit here ,what's the diameter size ?

  6. Really ???????????????? looks false

  7. Great find...so kudos to mexicogeek for his observations. My belief is that it is our secret base but it easily could be extraterestrial.

    1. It's a big birds nest. Hasn't anybody notice the big bird to the right of the entrance? Jeeez...

    2. It's a big birds nest. Hasn't anybody notice the big bird to the right of the entrance? Jeeez...

  8. It's a big birds nest. Hasn't anybody notice the big bird to the right of the entrance? Geeez...

  9. It looks "PHOTO SHOPPED BLACKEND OUT" for gen pub viewing if ya ask me...

    Maybe a resent black out for Google Earth Image's now, but lets be frank what i see here is a blacked out image of a aledged entrance hole if any in that location, however it would not surprise me the least thats something is there.