January 1, 2016

Winged UFO Found Near Sun In SOHO Archives, Video, UFO Sighting News.

This UFO Streetcap1 found is very similar to a spaceship in an game called Mass Effect. 

Date of sighting: January 13, 2015 08:00
Location of sighting: Between Earth and Sun
Source: http://soho.esac.esa.int//data/realtime/sps/lasco/c2/2015/01/20150113_0800_c2_1024.jpg

Streetcap1 was looking through some SOHO archives and found this three winged UFO in magnificent detail. The object has three arms and a tail, and maybe a fourth arm on the opposite side. For a spaceship, this one has a very unique and creative design. 
Scott C. Waring

Streetcap1 of Youtube states:
Pretty hard to dismiss this one people. Here we have an object that looks entirely built by some super duper race that seems to be way ahead of us poor humans. The camera is one million miles away out in space monitoring our sun. This object appears close to the SOHO Satellite and is quite a complicated design.


  1. maybe the arms/wings are some panels to load up for energy i got the feeling they will go all down (flat) when they done charging themself

    1. Yeah like solar panels or something collecting energy. Good analysis

  2. This looks more earth made with it's panels.don't forget that our space program is actually much more further advanced than the governments let us know! Think at "solar warden"!! The secret military space program by the USA...antigravitiy technology... in reallity the US had a sattelite in orbit around Mars since the 70th!!

    1. I dont thk so seko, what ever this thing is is beyond our concept of physical reality & energy concept understandings imo sir/mamm...

      The Sec Space Prog is still limited to alien tech capabilities, & they ET will make sure now more than ever i now understand that we know so much tho NOT ENOUGH, not enough to bring are eartly neuroses & murderous chaos to them UC.