September 16, 2016

Alien being Appears Inside 911 Tribute Light A Symbol Of Unity, Sept 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Sept 11, 2016
Location of sighting: Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
News source:

This standing figure is over 5 floor tall and standing directly in the beam of the 911 tribute beam. A symbol of understanding the tragic loss of the day, even among other alien species. A gesture of respect from them, to humanity. 

Dr Frank Stranges who wrote the book "Stranger In The Pentagon," said when he met an alien called commander Val Thor, that Thor said he had an adopted brother on Venus, who's name is Jesus...the same Jesus who was once on Earth. It may be, that this alien Jesus is still watching over humanity. Then again, such an alien with such powers...would easily be considered godly. 
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
The image of the beams reaching up to the heavens shows what appears to be a figure floating high in the light.

Many have been curious if it is a trick of light or a Photoshop job. Others see it as Jesus or an angel.

"I didn't realize the image was there until I looked back into the camera and saw a larger piece of white there and I kept enlarging it and saw the image," Rich McCormack, who snapped the photo, told Inside Edition.

McCormack says he was standing on the waterfront in Hoboken, New Jersey when he captured the heavenly image. It was 9:30 p.m. Friday and he was taking photos of the 9/11 beams of light across the Hudson River.

He says the photo is not Photoshopped.

"It looked like the image of the lord or an angel… I feel like it was angels watching over us," he said. 

Some people think it's an unusual cloud formation. Others see a greater mystery.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Are comments allowed again?? ������

Anonymous said...

You're a fucking idiot, Scott. Please don't procreate.

Anonymous said...

Its a sign to prepare for anything related to god
The aliens r getting ready to reveal them self after the new president is elected

Daniel Mount said...

This is God on top of the 9/11 Memorial. God was present at the 9/11 Memorial when evil Hillary Clinton was getting weak and sick that day. When ever Satan and any of his minions are in God's presence they will get weak and sick and they will run away. This is why she got sick and weak and ran away.

Daniel Mount said...

The real reason that Hillary Clinton got weak and Sick is because God was at the 9/11 Memorial. Satan and his dominions will always get weak and sickened in the Persians of Almighty God to the point that they will run away. Just what Hillary Did. She is EVIL. Wake up People. Do not vote for this evil Hillary Clinton.

Naomi Semeniuk said...

There were unknown entities in the fiery sky on 9/11 while the terror was in progress so this could be one of those entities who was present as people were tragically killed during the terrorist attack. The entity was paying his respect & remembered the victims & everything which is my impression here. Naomi Semeniuk

Naomi Semeniuk said...

As I just commented before I feel that this entity in the light is not Jesus but an entity who was present on 9/11 helping the victims transition out of their physical bodies. This entity has full consciousness & was paying his respect to the victims. He was present for them. Many anomalies were seen on 9/11. Naomi Semeniuk

Joanna said...

That is good stuff

Michael Dougherty said...

If this is god at the memorial, then why wasn't he there on 9/11 to stop all of those innocent people from dying?

I guess he just didn't care or maybe he was too busy. I see he has some spare time to float in a light now though....

Jono Pierce said...

Wow that's amazing. Did anyone see Hilary Clinton spitting that stuff out in her glass of water?

Kelly Patrick said...

It is the Messiah Lord Rayel !

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