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Alien being Appears Inside 911 Tribute Light A Symbol Of Unity, Sept 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Sept 11, 2016
Location of sighting: Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
News source:

This standing figure is over 5 floor tall and standing directly in the beam of the 911 tribute beam. A symbol of understanding the tragic loss of the day, even among other alien species. A gesture of respect from them, to humanity. 

Dr Frank Stranges who wrote the book "Stranger In The Pentagon," said when he met an alien called commander Val Thor, that Thor said he had an adopted brother on Venus, who's name is Jesus...the same Jesus who was once on Earth. It may be, that this alien Jesus is still watching over humanity. Then again, such an alien with such powers...would easily be considered godly. 
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
The image of the beams reaching up to the heavens shows what appears to be a figure floating high in the light.

Many have been curious if it is a trick of light or a Photoshop job. Others see it as Jesus or an angel.

"I didn't realize the image was there until I looked back into the camera and saw a larger piece of white there and I kept enlarging it and saw the image," Rich McCormack, who snapped the photo, told Inside Edition.

McCormack says he was standing on the waterfront in Hoboken, New Jersey when he captured the heavenly image. It was 9:30 p.m. Friday and he was taking photos of the 9/11 beams of light across the Hudson River.

He says the photo is not Photoshopped.

"It looked like the image of the lord or an angel… I feel like it was angels watching over us," he said. 

Some people think it's an unusual cloud formation. Others see a greater mystery.


Three Glowing UFOs Flying In Triangle Formation, March 2013.

Date of sighting: March 29, 2013
Location of sighting: Bournemouth, England.

Although the eyewitness states that he believes them to be satellites, this triangle formation is a common flight pattern for UFOs. Notice how in the beginning they all shine brightly then they suddenly dim. Satellites do not do this with night vision....yes I have a Gen 2 night vision scope myself. Take a look at the video and see what you think about it. SCW


UFOs Appearing At Night Over West Texas Says TV News, Nov 2012.

Date of sighting: November 2012
Location of sighting: West Texas, USA

News States (excerpt):

NewsWest 9 - MIDLAND - A man is making an extraordinary claim that he's seen UFO's fly over the Basin. The person NewsWest 9 interviewed wanted to remain anonymous and he's associated with the Laredo Paranormal Research Society.

"The facts are above our skies in the Permian Basin. We are seeing the lights, we are seeing stars, we are seeing crafts. My belief is that they're transporting something or someone, and depending on how in depth you would like to open Pandora's box, we're thinking of course, they're aliens," the man said.

He said the lights that he's been seeing going across the sky are following each other at different altitudes and he's able to do that with a special type of night vision binoculars that the military uses.

"What do you say to those people who say you're crazy?" NewsWest 9 asked.

"Seeing is believing, but if you don't believe that's ok. We're not out here to win anyone, win anybody over and prove to anybody anything. It is what it is. There's enough facts, there's enough proof out there that we know that they're there, we don't know what they want. We know that the government is covering all of this up," he said.



UFV/UFO Activity over the Woods of Bawsey Tuesday 19th June 2012

Date of sighting: June 19, 2012
Location of sighting: Bawsey Kings Lynn, England

Eyewitness states: 
Updated video footage caught last night over the woods of Bawsey Kings Lynn UK 19th June 2012
As you will see I missed allot of the UFV/UFO craft using my naked eye as there was actually more of them caught on film.
Check out at the end of the film, as the 2 ships move left across the screen, a very small ship traveling very fast moves into their path moving across the screen from left to right.


UFO Over Lebanon Missouri 5/26/12 Using Night Vision and Sony Cam, Paranormal News.

Date of sighting: May 26, 2012
Location of sighting: Lebanon, Missouri, USA

Eyewitness states: "Please excuse my language in middle of this video, I was really excited. This video was taken in Lebanon, MO on 5/26/12 at 4:49 am using generation 3 pvs-7 night vision goggles recording onto a Sony Cybershot camera. I immediately discounted this as a aircraft since it was flashing, but then as it got closer I noticed it had 3 lights and then as it got even closer it actually had 4 lights. This craft appeared silently in the sky over Lebanon, MO approximately 3-4 miles in the air at 146 deg SE, traveling NW at 320 deg unknown rate of speed. Appears to be some sort of craft that may be mimicking an airplane since it has strobe lights. You can clearly see 4 bright lights (maybe engines) that are connected by some sort of dense frame structure holding things together. Also appears to connect through the middle of the craft from the front light to the back light.  After altering the contrast etc I was able to determined from the video that the tail light flashes, then the left light flashes, followed by the front light flashing. It does not appear that the right light flashes at all for some reason.  Once it passed over me I turned towards the right with the goggles looking straight up. Once I did that the goggles became saturated with the bright lights and washed out the object prevented me from getting a sharp image and focus. The craft continued Northwest towards Eldridge and lost it behind the trees."