October 2, 2016

Strange white circling lights in the Derbyshire skies last night Sept 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Sept 27, 2016
Location of sighting: Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England

This info was sent into me by Christian Mace, a French UFO research (click here to view his UFO site). The video shows white lights moving around in the sky. I have actually seen about 50 of these once with my family last year when walking home at midnight. They seem to have no limit to their speed, but if you notice them, they will know it! There is a 60% chance that they will either perform for you with loops, or return to observe you while keeping their distance for 5-10 min. If I hadn't seen such an event with my own family...I never would have believed it really happened. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

Eyewitness states: 
Sorry for the grainy video had the camera on Max ISO as they were faint. Not sure what they are but they're moving in a pattern. #NotAliens :D just lights above Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Anyone shed any light (pardon the pun)


MrHennity said...

Clearly something is roaming around the sky...good catch.

Manutd78 said...

These are very powerful torches against the mist, I have seen this in Leicester recently too.

John Coleman said...

Just like the sky above Blackpool at this time of year note the regular circularity pattern just lazers

Scott Waring said...

What about white laser pens? Does such a thing exist? I have a green and blue, but never head of such a thing.

Scott Waring said...

White lasers? Got a link to that, would like to read about it. thanks, SCW

Manutd78 said...

Hi Scott,

They are like strobe lights or powerful torches that can hit low cloud or mist. I have seen this in Leicester too. A bit like a lighthouse would do in mist. I was on the highway M1 when I had to stop my car to check it out...could just make out where the light was coming from, the ground. Shame really, was about to film it!!

Smile, Eat Chocolate, and move forward... said...

I too thought these were some kind of laser or strobe ligbts, howevet on both occasions my famuly eitnessed such lights there wre no beams attached from above or below.
On the first ocasion there were a group of lights circling in the patch of cloud for about 2 minutes and then would disappear and then return within a few minutes, this went on for about 3 hours back in about June 2016. The other a single light in a small stretch of cloud heading in one direction from one end of the cloud to the other end and would disappear and repeat for abour 30 minutes, New years eve heading into 2017, Both over the beach, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia.

mike scott said...

on december 16th last night around 1 am, my husband and i were on the back porch sky gazing before bedtime aa it was ao beautiful here in bella vista ca. extreamly windy and cold, but clear w light cloud cover that was passing just a portion of the sky , i literally jumped when i saw what looked like a lfast flying something, fly by, i said to my husband , did you see that, and jumped again there it was a bright light, orb like, almost looked like a light in shape of huge bird, it would go in a large circular motion, dissaapearing from view for almost 15 sec and then again whiz by , this lasted 30 min , not in a perfect circular fashian, more eratic, but generally it flew by in a circular formation. i googled this after wordying all night and saw this video of yours it is the aame exact thing. i am dying to know what this is. i would swear on anything this is the exact thing we saw but it was just one light, same exact

Alex109 said...

We saw these lights in the U.S. in Connecticut on Christmas Eve night 2017 just before midnight and again today January 15th 2018 in the early morning hours around 4:30 am. Amazing. Ours were around 5 to 7 lights hovering in the sky side by side before spiraling around in circles then "recoiling" quickly back to a center point away from view. Then they would reappear and go directly over our house before almost being "snapped" back to their starting point like a rubber band. Today's lights moved in circular motions then began moving in an odd swinging movement like a pendulum. This happening two times in less than one month directly over our house is astounding. Each incident was approximately 20 minutes in length, occured in cloudy conditions and we have videos of both. These definitely were not strobe lights, "grand opening" store lights or lights from any object or craft that I've ever encountered here on earth based on the way they were moving and the way they quickly appeared and disappeared from view. I'm not aware of any aircraft who's lights can go from circular motions to be retracted to a single point in a fraction of a second. If these are in fact visitors from another realm....Greetings!!!! We look forward to seeing you again.

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