October 29, 2016

UFO Seen Over Phoenix, Arizona Gets On Local TV News, Oct 2016, 2 Videos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Oct 28, 2016
Location of sighting: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
News source: http://www.12news.com/news/local/valley/experts-say-ufo-over-phoenix-may-be-aliens/342354906

These UFOs are controlled by the Tall Whites...an alien species given an allotment of land for an underground base behind the old shooting range of Nellis AFB.  What we are seeing, is several Tall White UFOs going out to meet another incoming UFO and safely escort it in, an important Tall Whites ship entering the base. Much like a military escort of sorts, since the Tall Whites will always be a bit concerned about the safety of their children when near humans...and US military has the armaments to cause them a significant threat. Tall Whites are overly protective of their youth, which are probably on the ship that was coming in. How protective, take a Klingon from Star Trek and amplify its anger by 5X and you got a protective parent Tall White Alien, 3 meters tall. Tall Whites are about 2 meters tall until age 400 years, which is the moment they are considered an adult. Also for its reaction speed is 3X the speed of a human. Info from Charles Hall, employed to work with the Tall Whites for 2 years. 
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
After a night like Tuesday night, a lot more people will be keeping their eye to the sky.

The internet exploded with pictures, videos and claims of a UFO sighting over the East Valley.

So what was it? A comet? Space junk? Airplanes? Give us your thoughts on our UFO poll.

"With the air traffic patterns in the Valley, what we see are a lot of stacked aircraft that are coming into Sky Harbor," said Dr. Sky, a TV personality and radio host of a talk show that's syndicated across the country and in Canada.

The topic of discussion on his show -- outer space and the universe.

"[Airplanes are] a possibility," he said, adding it doesn't look quite right.

"I'm 41 years old. I've seen a lot of things in the sky," said Christinna Herrmann. "This is nothing I've seen before."

So, was it a UFO?

"Anything that you, or people, saw that we call a UFO is simply accurate," said Dr. Sky, solely because we were not able to identify it.

So, was it aliens?

"Firmly I believe that we already know about alien visitation," Dr. Sky said, citing the Roswell incident from the 1940s. "We're going to continue to search for what [everyone] saw in the skies of Arizona."



It was barzini alll along. said...

Enough of these definitive statements when you don't know. Show us a picture of a tall white or of their craft. STARTING to sound like hillary clinton.

Unknown said...

me pregunto de que rien, las conductoras de tv

Scott Waring said...

Remember when Hillary was hot? Those days are gone.

Gregory Ellison said...

I am not one to start something with another commenter, but I see the same name popping up with negative comments on a regular basis. Makes me wonder why watch and follow this channel so closely, if you dont have some faith in what Mr. Waring is saying? Makes me curious...I dont agree with everything, and often come to find out later that I was wrong! So I have learned to reserve judgement until I know more.

It was barzini alll along. said...

My objections are to those definitive statements when the presentation is clearly not definitive. SOMETHING is going on out there. But these declarative statements detract.from the truth. AND I wish to know the truth

Michael Dougherty said...

I do agree with Barzini about definitive statements. It really hurts the site a lot.

For example in this very article:

"What we are seeing, is several Tall White UFOs going out to meet another incoming UFO and safely escort it in, an important Tall Whites ship entering the base."

You don't know that. You just DON'T. You may suspect it, but you don't KNOW. You don't have proof. It's just a guess.

So...when you claim such things as factual when you don't have proof or actually KNOW it truly hurts your credibility. It's hard to take someone seriously at that point.

I like the site but the credibility is very sketchy because of this factual reporting about things we don't truly know or can prove.

Michael Dougherty said...

That said, this is a great sighting.

Any legitimate sighting that gets huge amounts of people talking and thinking is a good thing.

Unknown said...

Remember when Scott was hot? Those days never happened.

2QIK4U said...

One of these Captures from the last few nights shows pretty strong evidence it's a hologram which makes sense perfectly. The Time of the great deception has arrived for the FAKE Alien Invasion. I believe PROJECT BLUEBEAM COMBINED WITH CERN PUMPING LOW FREQUENCY ION PULSES TO CREATE EARTHQUAKES JUST THE SAME WAY TESLA DID . THE BATTLE BETWEEN THE KHAZARIAN MAFIA AND THE WHITE DRAGON SOCIETY FOR CONTROL OF THE PLANET IS HERE. CHINA AND RUSSIA HAVE FINALLY TAKEN OVER GOLD BACKED CURRENCY TO TOPPLE THE PAPER WORTHLESS AMERICAN DOLLAR ... DONT BE SURPRISED IF THE VATICAN SUDDENLY INTRODUCE AN ALIEN TO EARTH. Straight away youd know you cant trust them if theyre part of the American deception .....

2QIK4U said...

Yes agree

nova** said...

Whoa!!! It's all a conspiracy all of the sudden,talk about speculations.sheesh!

Gregory Ellison said...

All I am saying is by now you all know Scott. This site it his project, and I wouldn't try to tell you what to say on your site. Thats your choice, and interpretation, and if I agree or not I respect your right to say what you think. After all, thats what first attracts us all to this site, Scotts analysis

Gregory Ellison said...

Happy Halloween everyone!

Gregory Ellison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nova** said...

Oh. I wasn't referring to scotts "analysis" nor theories at all...l was commenting on post above my prior comment. And I agree that what draws us to this site is Scott's analysis on sightings and other interesting finds that I myself am not equipped to find on my own. So his work is appreciated.

DividendScience said...

Remember that every person is on a different knowledge level then each other, and that sharing the knowledge is vital for truth. Even knowledge that requires seekers to deeply research independently helps lead new seekers to more truth and unknown for them. For example, I could have a gold generator (or any element I desire) yet because person X does not care and person Y does not believe, they both get together to destroy my claims even with and after demonstrations due to fear, envy, greed, anger, etc.

Daniel Mount said...

Come on! That was my Mother-in-law riding her broom.

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