December 8, 2016

UFO Forms Giant Worm Hole Over Norway Turning Night Into Day, Dec 2016, Three Videos, UFO Sighting News.

The UFO is forming a black hole around you see? Its not exploding, its creating the hole first...the it will enter with a flash of light and the hole is gone. 

Date of sighting: December 2016
Location of sighting: Phaethon, Norway
Photo source:

What you see here is a UFO opening up a wormhole to just disappear. As proof I would like you to see the photo above. I added light and all around the UFO, you see blackness. Its not natural...its a black hole being formed by the UFO to shoot through time and space. Some alien was too lazy to leave Earths orbit and just took off in one hell of a hurry. 

This is not the only worm hole to form over Norway, back in Dec of 2009 when President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for things he had not done yet, just months after he became president. Aliens made the wormhole to come to the Nobel ceremony...a sign of their approval...since aliens controlled the Nobel Peace Prize judging board that year. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan


Dave Wilkinson said...

WOW!! Great videos. It's definately not a meteorite in my opinion. I've seen something similar while I was driving down I-10 in 1987 at about 3am in the Florida panhandle. There were 4 other cars on the highway. We all pulled over. Everyone agreed it was not a meteor. It lit up the woods around us like daylight. Then a large object flew across the sky. It was glowing bright blue. It got halfway across the sky, then dissapeared in another bright blue flash almost as bright as the first. Everyone agreed it wasn't a meteor because it flew in a straight line, not downwards like a shooting star. I wish someone had a camera. I personally believe these wormholes with objects flying out of them are alien spacecraft exiting, then entering warp speed. They also maybe our own back engineered ships. I've always wished I could see man break the light barrier in my lifetime. But, it's possible we may already have. Who knows what that top secret military space plane is doing up there. Keep up the great work Scott.

Manutd78 said...

Looks like a meteor to me! Don't you think?

Tony D said...

Occam's Razor. It looks like a meteor, so it probably is. No amount of pseudoscientific mumbo jumbo can change that.

2QIK4U said...

This video has nothing to do with your picture? Can you correct me if i missed something here?

Scott Waring said...

Thanks, I just included it and one other....three total. Sorry, as you know, I've had trouble with my computer and although I had all three videos here, they did not all show up. This time they did. thanks for letting me know.

Mike Setbacken said...

Seen one I Wa state last.fall . Bright flash of light then about 8 sec. Later birght FSH again but this time a bright object comes out of it going 80,000 mph ( satalights go between 17,000 to 25,000 mph ) this was approximately 4 times there speed went E to W then turned N on the herizen. Life changing... But what do you do ? Went back inside and watch TV.. any one ?

Scott Waring said...

Wow, cool, yeah, unless you got a cam set up to catch it on a tripod...its hard to show people. You said, Washington state, Tri cities area...its over a nuclear reactor at Richland.

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