November 24, 2017

Hunter Records UFO Over Missouri River On Nov 20, 2017, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 20, 2017
Location of sighting: Missouri River, Missouri, USA
Source: MUFON #88240

I have reported a UFO like this before, it was a UFO photoed over the ocean near a very rich diamond mine in the arctic. That 2012 sighting was forcibly taken down from my site by unknown hackers, but I soon replaced it again. (Click here to see that old post). This again is 100% the same type of UFO, again over the water, again with the beams of light below it. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
I received this pic from a friend of a friend that was deer hunting up on the Missouri River. The attached pic I received from my friend was so intriguing I felt compelled to post it to MUFON to see if anyone else witnessed these objects. According to the person I received the pic from, his friend and another guy were making their way back to the boat ramp after a day of deer hunting along the Missouri River. The sun had set approx. 15 mins. earlier. Looking at the bottom of the clouds in the pic you can tell that the sun is reflecting off the bottom of the cloud. This may be just a very cool sun dog-type reflection, but I was having a hard time explaining the chevron shaped group of lights above the cloud, and the 'way too evenly spaced' beams of light coming off what appears to be the sun shining down from the cloud. Notice that the beams are apparently reflecting off the River. Apparently the event only lasted seconds and was gone, but I haven't talked to the person that took the pic personally. The "orange orb" events I mentioned earlier were witnessed by multiple people, but are not documented with pictures, and a completely different event[s]. I'm unsure if the person that took the pic would be willing to talk to anyone about it, but I could ask if you'd like to get more details about the event.
Above photo has added darkness to see the detail better, below are all normal untouched. 


  1. Shame mufon has a paywall to look in database. The above image is the one and only image I can find of this. Is there more than just this one image? Thx.

  2. This looks spectacular , and I'm glad that your bk online

  3. The first photo looks to me as if something was being sent down. Too much disruption in beams, then to bright and oval at the bottom. This one looks like light beams. Nice catch.

  4. What a nice picture of the Sun. Shame about the crap camera lens or the digital manipulation. More nice sunny pix Scock.

  5. I see a big glowing knob. Do you Scott. It's huge more than I could take up my back passage. How about you Scott, would it fit yours?