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Drone Records UFO Shooting From forest floor through trees and beyond. Nov 10, 2020, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: Nov 10, 2020
Location of sighting: Anutt, Missouri, USA

A woman in Missouri was using a drone to record video of the forest when something usual happened. A white object suddenly few out of the forest floor through the trees and straight up out of view. The object was white, when focused, it resembles no living creature known. Also the speed of this object was absolutely fast. It's just way too fast for a bird, insect or any known animals. It flew straight upward, as if it were an alien craft trying to high tail it out of there before it was seen. Lucky for us, the drone was recording video at the time. The way I see it is...UFO means unidentified flying object...and this certainly is unidentified...flying and some kind of object. Case closed...its a UFO. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Eyewitness states: 
UFO filmed during drone flight taken using a DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone. The object starts from the bottom center near the start and is very small because it appears to be near the ground, but gets larger the closer it gets to the drone. The drone was within line-of-sight and was about 390-feet above the ground from the takeoff point. The object can be seen close to the ground and then flies almost straight up. The speed of the object is calculated to be around 53.2-mph. The video was filmed in 4K HDR mode.



UFO Hiding In Tiny Black Cloud Over Missouri, Sept 9, 2020, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Sept 9, 2020
Location of sighting: Des Peres, Missouri, USA

They eyewitness said he was chasing a strange tiny cloud formation that seemed to have a solid object inside. The eyewitness is correct. There is a small orb or alien drone hiding in this small black cloud. Notice how the solid object has control of the cloud so well and tilts it to one side without losing its shape. The faster a cloud goes the more of its shape it loses due to the wind speed, however this loses zero. It remains the same only tilting from right to left. 100% proof of an alien probe hiding within it. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


5G Towers Killing Birds Worldwide, 5G Frequency Equals 55% The Power of the US Weapon ADS, Tech News. #PETA

World news is telling about hundreds of thousands of birds dying this week for no apparent cause. But birds are sensitive, hundreds of times more than humans. Thats why miners use to take a canary into the mining caves with them. 

The only two new things going on in the world today that could effect birds. First Covid19, if dogs could get it, then some specifies of birds could get it too. but Covid19 is a coronavirus and it usually focuses on a particular species. So that leaves 5G towers. 

Did you know that the US DOD (Dept of Defence) uses a direct energy weapon that uses similar frequencies in a weapon called
the Active Denial System (ADS). The ADS works by firing a high-powered beam of 95 GHz waves at a target—that is, millimeter wavelengths as a non lethal but painful deterrent to controlling crowds. So...95 GHz waves hurt humans! How about birds? 

The frequency bands for 5G networks come in two sets. Frequency range 1 (FR1) is from 450 MHz to 6 GHz, which includes the LTE frequency range. Frequency range 2 (FR2) is from 24.25 GHz to 52.6 GHz. Yes you heard me right. 5G towers can transmit 52.6 GHz which is equal to 55.3% of the ADS department of defense beam weapon that hurts but wont kill humans. 

Birds dead in New Mexico, USA
Birds dead in Japan!

Birds Keep Falling From The Sky: Reports Come In from Missouri, India and Guinea-Bissau


Hunter Records UFO Over Missouri River On Nov 20, 2017, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 20, 2017
Location of sighting: Missouri River, Missouri, USA
Source: MUFON #88240

I have reported a UFO like this before, it was a UFO photoed over the ocean near a very rich diamond mine in the arctic. That 2012 sighting was forcibly taken down from my site by unknown hackers, but I soon replaced it again. (Click here to see that old post). This again is 100% the same type of UFO, again over the water, again with the beams of light below it. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
I received this pic from a friend of a friend that was deer hunting up on the Missouri River. The attached pic I received from my friend was so intriguing I felt compelled to post it to MUFON to see if anyone else witnessed these objects. According to the person I received the pic from, his friend and another guy were making their way back to the boat ramp after a day of deer hunting along the Missouri River. The sun had set approx. 15 mins. earlier. Looking at the bottom of the clouds in the pic you can tell that the sun is reflecting off the bottom of the cloud. This may be just a very cool sun dog-type reflection, but I was having a hard time explaining the chevron shaped group of lights above the cloud, and the 'way too evenly spaced' beams of light coming off what appears to be the sun shining down from the cloud. Notice that the beams are apparently reflecting off the River. Apparently the event only lasted seconds and was gone, but I haven't talked to the person that took the pic personally. The "orange orb" events I mentioned earlier were witnessed by multiple people, but are not documented with pictures, and a completely different event[s]. I'm unsure if the person that took the pic would be willing to talk to anyone about it, but I could ask if you'd like to get more details about the event.
Above photo has added darkness to see the detail better, below are all normal untouched. 


UFO over St. Louis! Strange light over Famous Gateway Arch sparks debate, Aug 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

 The UFO is actually a grey metallic orb. 

Date of sighting: August 2016
Location of sighting: St. Louis Arch, Missouri
News source:

This UFO is a metallic grey orb. The UFO is very big, car size when compared to the arch under it. The UFO does not look like its flashing light, but I believe one surface of the UFO is dull grey metallic  in nature from what I see in the close ups I made. Its shape is perfectly round. Excellent catch by Chase Rhoads of Youtube. 
Scott C. Waring 

News states:

A strange light that hovered over the St. Louis Gateway Arch this week is sparking plenty of debate on the internet.

Surveillance footage recorded at Malcolm W Martin Memorial Park on Tuesday and posted to Facebook shows the mysterious object hovering over the famous arch. “We guarantee you will be perplexed if you watch all 5 minutes of this surveillance footage!” explained the Park, in a post on its Facebook page. The video has been viewed 615,000 times.

Possible explanations for the light suggested by commenters on Facebook include a drone with a unidirectional light or a Chinese lantern.

Fox 2 News also received video footage of the odd light from Chase Rhoads, who said that he saw something strange over the arch early Tuesday morning. Scott Air Force Base said there was nothing out of the ordinary to report when contacted by Fox 2 News, and a spokesman for the National Park Service said there were no reports of anything strange on Tuesday.

This is not the first time that a mysterious object has been spotted near the St. Louis landmark. Video from the same camera at Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park also captured an unexplained object that appeared in broad daylight on July 14 2016.


Glowing Orbs Return to Jackson, Missouri And Been There Off And On All Week.

Date of sighting: August 3, 2012
Location of sighting: Jackson, Missouri, USA

Some are saying there are unexplained lights around the Jackson area.
So far people can't point to something like a weather balloon or falling star or even a plane to explain it.
Now they wonder could it be related to incredible tales from Cape Girardeau dating back decades.
Some say a bar of red and white lights was hovering recently above homes in Jackson. People tell us they were mesmerized by beams and light shooting from either end.
Chris Clifton and others say the lighted craft showed up for at least five minutes twice over the last week around the Bent Creek area of Jackson.
Recent sightings prompted Clifton and others to do some research and they learned our area is no stranger to the unexplained. Now they wonder if all these close encounters of the Heartland kind could be the product of something out of this world. 
First let's go all the way back to April 1941 in Cape Girardeau Missouri. Rev. William Huffman of Red Star Baptist Church gets a call about a plane crash and is asked to help. 
His granddaughter recalled the so called family secret in this interview. 
"You couldn't see those eyes and not be affected," she said.
A recreated picture is the most compelling part of her grandfather's story. There was no plane and instead a saucer with three alien bodies. Mann says her grandfather was sworn to secrecy.
Through her own research, Mann discovered top secret declassified documents from archives in Washington, D.C. also detail her grandfather's story. 
Others in the Piedmont also recall hundreds of sightings of lights in the sky from the early 70s detailed in an old newspaper.
Sightings past and now present that give people like Clifton reasons to look for answers.
We're told local law enforcement also report sightings over the past five years.
Meanwhile, in that crash of 1941, I'm told it continues to be researched today and is the subject of books and documents.
All around the world many UFO enthusiasts feel sightings of picking up rapidly and becoming even more out of this world.


More sightings of Strange Lights in Blue Springs Missouri (May 30, 2012).

Date of sighting: May 30, 2012
Location of sighting: Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

( -- If it is not a star, a planet or a plane then what is that strange light in the night sky? That is what residents of Blue Springs, Missouri are asking. For the last couple weeks a strange light that flickers between the colors of red, green and blues has been seen in the night sky over western Missouri. Margie Kay of the Missouri U.F.O network has claimed she has seen two lights. "I see red and green in this one. And in the one behind me I see red, green and blue. I don't think it's a planet at this point. I don't know what it is," said Kay. One resident says she saw the light drop in the sky but doesn't know how many feet. She goes on to say it has stayed stationary since then. Since no one can currently explain the mysterious light, it is being called a U.F.O.



UFO Over Lebanon Missouri 5/26/12 Using Night Vision and Sony Cam, Paranormal News.

Date of sighting: May 26, 2012
Location of sighting: Lebanon, Missouri, USA

Eyewitness states: "Please excuse my language in middle of this video, I was really excited. This video was taken in Lebanon, MO on 5/26/12 at 4:49 am using generation 3 pvs-7 night vision goggles recording onto a Sony Cybershot camera. I immediately discounted this as a aircraft since it was flashing, but then as it got closer I noticed it had 3 lights and then as it got even closer it actually had 4 lights. This craft appeared silently in the sky over Lebanon, MO approximately 3-4 miles in the air at 146 deg SE, traveling NW at 320 deg unknown rate of speed. Appears to be some sort of craft that may be mimicking an airplane since it has strobe lights. You can clearly see 4 bright lights (maybe engines) that are connected by some sort of dense frame structure holding things together. Also appears to connect through the middle of the craft from the front light to the back light.  After altering the contrast etc I was able to determined from the video that the tail light flashes, then the left light flashes, followed by the front light flashing. It does not appear that the right light flashes at all for some reason.  Once it passed over me I turned towards the right with the goggles looking straight up. Once I did that the goggles became saturated with the bright lights and washed out the object prevented me from getting a sharp image and focus. The craft continued Northwest towards Eldridge and lost it behind the trees."


Glowing UFOs Over Blue Springs, Missouri TV NEWS Video, May 24, 2012.

Date of sighting: May 24, 2012
Location of sighting: Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

Eyewitness states:Robert Kover first noticed it two weeks ago and went down to get a closer look. He was confronted by a neighbor who thought he was spying on women, until he handed her his binoculars.

"I showed her the star that was in the sky, just to get somebody else's perspective on it, and they said they had never seen anything like it before," Kover said.

Becky Neely said it was vibrating red, green and blue lights.
"It was like nothing I've ever seen before, but with binoculars we could see it fairly well, and it was off in the distance," Neely said.
Teresa Price saw it twice. The first time was the same night Kover and Neely did, and she noticed it again when she was walking her dogs the following week. However, the second time things were even more bizarre.
"It was up in the sky and then it just dropped and stayed stationary in that lower position," Price said.
Price watched KCTV5's report earlier this month on domestic drones that are now being used by local governments and law enforcement agencies, and thought that was what it was.
"It kind of made me think that there is some sort of drone out there. Why is it out at night? I don't know," Price said.
Kover called the KCTV5 Investigative Hotline and posted a sighting on a UFO spotters website. The night of a interview, KCTV5's Dave Jordan spotted similar sightings.
Kover was contacted by Margie Kay with the Missouri UFO Network, who decided to investigate for herself the following night.
Kay interviewed everyone who claimed to have seen the UFOs and then set up telescopes to watch the sightings herself. Neighbors came out hoping to see the activity that captivated the community.
As the sky darkened, one of them appeared. Kay initially dismissed it.
"I am 90 percent sure we are looking at Vega in this instance, and there are some other planets out right now," said Kay.


Paranormal Investigators In Missouri Record Alien Orbs In Cemetery, Jan 7, 2012 Video.

Date of sighting: January 7, 2012
Location of sighting: Rocky Comfort, McDonald County, Missouri, USA

In this video we see some Missouri ghost hunters orb hunting in a local cemetery. Although they believe these orbs to be spirits, UFOlogists believe them to be a species of aliens that exist. These orbs are energy based and are very different from the UFO orb probes that are often seen in the sky, but these energy orbs can be photographed around the clouds during the day. I caught a blue orb near a white cloud once...I just felt like there was something there and took one photo and there it was. These paranormal investigators in Missouri are doing a great job and I hope to see more orbs they capture in the future. SCW


Woman in Blue Springs, Missouri has UFO SIGHTING and records video of orange glowing craft, July 3.

Woman in Blue Springs, Missouri has UFO SIGHTING and records video of orange glowing craft, July 3.

Date of sighting: July 3, 2011
Location of sighting: Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

"Sharon Brown is out on the front porch of her Blue Springs, Missouri home a lot.
She's always been fascinated about the sky, but Sunday night was different.

I was running a quick errand and I was pulling the car out of the garage," Brown recalls. "I didn't even turn the car off because I seen this strange thing in the sky going by. It was going from south to north."

She ran upstairs to get her camera, then struggled with the tripod legs to keep the object in frame.

Sharon says she rolled on it for four minutes.
"It did not drift like a Chinese lantern does, or a Mylar balloon. And it wasn't a firework," she says. Her partner Lori saw it make a 90 degree turn, and they both say they saw it turn black and disappear in a cloud.

"I just wanted it to be still, you know, and quit moving so we could really get a good shot of it," Brown said. "But you can only get so close up with a Flip cam." Sharon and Lori have been back on their porch every night this week with their Flip-cam, hoping to see it again.
So far they have not."

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UFO Sighting Caught by Accident on Live News Cast, Dec 5, 2010, video & photos.

UFO Sighting Caught by Accident on Live News Cast, Dec 5, 2010, video & photos.

Some KY3 viewers caught something we missed on a KY3 News at Six live report in Nixa, Missouri by Chad Plein. A mysterious light shined over the corner of the screen. This was on air on Sunday, 5th December 2010. More info in the video!

This is amazing and was caught by the news reporters while doing a live interview in Missouri. Since it was all caught by accident no one can say it was staged or made on purpose, since it was the viewers that noticed the UFO.

In the upper right corner you can see a large disc like cloud suddenly appear, then a glowing ball flies down at an angle. I really wish there was some person in that area that could go back there and investigate this sighting further. There may be more evidence left behind like markings or landing marks on the ground and such.

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