Alien Faces (113)

With all the UFO evidence we have at our disposal, with all the eyewitness testimonies about abductions and encounters, the one thing that everyone wants the most is to meet them. Here I will introduce you to them by showing you their faces. Each species has a distinct appearance of the face and that is why they use faces to commemorate great individuals of their species, much like America made Mount Rushmore with the faces of the greatest presidents upon it. This file will be added to as more and more faces are found. 

The USAF states in Area S4 that they know of 56 space faring species. Also in Rocca Pia, Italy a story exists of aliens below the castle that came up and talked to the people...they called themselves the W56. Coincidence? No. I am in search of these 56 species and when I find their faces, I will place them below. 

The above photo shows three alien faces. Three species together. It may have a fourth or far right, but harder to identify it. (Monkey skull, Lizard or frog face, fox face.) This is my discovery SCW. Source NASA photo PIA10214 by Spirit Rover, Mars. Original at this NASA url

Above alien is reptilian as you can see from the features. This person had royal status (crown or scales). Also looks like the taller greys. Source of photo is my discover and is in same photo as the three faces above it. PIA10214 Spirit Rover, Mars.

The above photo is also from PIA10214 by Mars Spirit Rover, and was not discovered by me, but another person here in Asia. It led me to the other discoveries. Note the three figures and their bent joints that are 100% the same as ours. They are alive, not the pink bald head of the center male. They are looking in the direction of the Rover as it photographs them. 
The above photo is from PIA10214 by Mars Spirit Rover. Small yet its facial features stand out.
The above image is the first face I ever discovered (Scott C. Waring) , that was 35 years ago. It was first published in a book the size of a dictionary with full page black and white photos. This  photo was taken in 1976 by Viking 1. Yep…I was in first grade when I discovered it in a book that was one day old when I opened it in the school library. 

The above photo is a close up of a mountain on Mars, NASA source:  Also at this post:

The upper two faces of a male and female together is also in the same photo as the below faces. The upper two photos and the lower one photo are in the same post. I found the faces and highlighted them in colors for you to see easier. Can you see the two faces in the below photo?

Photo by NASA Spirit Rover. 
The above image is on Mars, image source: Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS) MOC narrow angle image MO3-05549 at this URL

Four faces, three little ones I did discover (SCW), the largest I did not. I have run into it by accident twice while searching Mars photos. It's an amazing feeling…to meet them face to face. Malin Space Science Systems image (MSSS) M02-03051 at   
Mars face found in the Cydonia.

This goes to show that aliens have a sense of humor about life. This unnamed crater on Mars is 3 kilometers or 1.9 miles across. It is located among the Nereidum Montes, north of Argyre basin, near 45.1°S, 55.0°W. Photo credit: NASA/JPL/MSSS and was taken by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Photograph taken by the NASA/JPL Mars Global Surveyor. I found the one on top, not the lower one. There are many faces in the photo this came from. What can you find in the source? Link at 

In the above Moon photo, I Scott C. Waring discovered this face in the crater on the Earth's Moon. It is in a crater called Jenner. The face is about 8KM from chin to top of head. The floor of Jenner Crater is 40 km across. 

The above photo you see the shadow of the astronaut and his tool sitting on the rock, but do you see the face upon the rock further away? Credit NASA Archives.

This moon face was discovered by me SCW. It looks like a lion facing one way with its back to a bird that faces the other. It is in the location where Apollo 20 recovery mission took place (without your knowledge). Source at NASA:

New Moon Face in above photo. I just discovered this face in the above NASA photo today, June 10, 2010 as I was exploring the Lunar Orbiter 2 photos. Source at:

Note: There is also lots of domes over craters in the URL photo! 

I (SCW) looked over this recent Mercury Messenger photo (ABOVE PHOTO) and found many new faces right next to one another. The smallest is sitting in a crater bed. The other three look like a guerrilla, Elf with giant eyes and a Yoda like face with body. Credit to NASA for the faces…er….cities…er…the photo.
Source of photo:

The above photo I Scott C. Waring discovered when I found the mirror like dome city near it. Date of sighting: March 9, 2011 Location of sighting: 5 deg South, 134.1 deg East. NASA Photo Archives, Lunar surface The dome and face are in both of these photos at and 

I discovered this human like face on the Planet Mercury on June 26, 2011.  I (Scott C. Waring) was looking through Mercury photos when I came across this face. As you know if you frequent my site, I like to search for faces on alien planets and moons. Why? Because It's the closest thing to meeting them. So I search. Credit to NASA for the alien face and source photo 

The Above big face and small face is near Medicine Hat, Canada. Alien Royal Prince Face 400+ meters across. When looking at Canada using Google Earth (free program) I (SCW) found an area of land that resembles the shape of a face. Now this is not hills and mountains that formed a face, this is a face that formed the hills and mountains. My video teaching U to find it at
I (SCW) discovered this bird skull on Mars on July 5, 2011 at West Valley. The Spirit Rover took the photo. Either this is a structure in skull form or…the skull of a real ancient bird on Mars. 

I (Scott Waring) found the above face with the flat head on July 5, 2011. Location is Mars. Source photo at  
The above skull was found on July 2011 by European Space Agency (ESA). They probably figured I would find it and take credit for its discovery in a few weeks time so they might as well release it to the public. Found in the Cydonia region where the first Mars face was discovered. Oh…that first one I did discover 34 years ago. Source photo at
Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum)

Scott Waring discovered the above face on July 7, 2011 using Google Earth 2D version. I thought that some people would have difficulty seeing it so I colorized the face so that it stands out more from the rest of the picture.
By Scott Waring

I SCW discovered the above Mars face on July 8, 2011 using Google Earth 3D version. It was the first time I ever used this program and it took me 2-3 minutes to find the face.  Notice the helmet it is wearing and the mustache and beard?

On July 11, 2011 SCW discovered the above face that looks like an old indian with head dress on. Location of discovery: Melas Chasma on Mars.
Why the cat face? Because a UFO sighting in Russia in March 2011 confirmed the UFO transmitted cat like voices to the control tower. Source:

On July 11, 2011 SCW discovered the above faces of a cat species and bird species that seem to be humanoid on Mars surface.
Above photo is a Face of Thunder God Tupan Patera Found on Jupiter's Moon IO. I SCW discovered this on July 17, 2011. Perhaps because it was tilted with the face pointing up originally, may be why others did not find it first.  
The image of the face was taken by the Galileo space craft on October 2001.

I made this discovery on July 18, 2011. The location of the above face is on the moon IO (orbiting Jupiter) it is in the are called Babbar Patera. SCW, Credit to ipad app & NASA.

I found the above alien face on Earth's moon. Date of discovery August 1, 2011. The above face is at Eichstadt K crater, moon. SCW

I Scott C. Waring found this Yoda face on the moons surface. Does this mean that the species Yoda comes from is real…most likely yes. Found Sept 2011.

The three screenshots above are of a face that I SCW discovered yesterday, January 7, 2012. The face is on Mars surface and can be found using Google Mars, for more information look at the video I made about it at: 

Below photo is face on Mars
Full photo below of face on Mars.

Discovered on Feb 18, 2012, I (Scott Waring) was looking over Mars photos as you know I love to do and I came across this photo which had a face smack dab in the middle of it. I noticed that it had a lot of similarities to the ancient Babylonians. It prominent nose and eyes, its lips with no expression, its long beard and long flowing hair, the traditional hat or helmet. Source at 

Face on Moon in Above and below photo. 
Two faces from moon found in full photo below. 
Location of sighting: Near Keeler Crater, Moon
Date of discovery: February 22, 2012
Latitude / Longitude:9.7° S / 159.4° E

(Pertaining to the two faces on moon in photos above this). I was looking over some moon photos today and found two faces that look similar to the Buddha statues that I see here in Taiwan temples. Both faces are in the same moon photo and are very close to one another.  As you can see, some of the aliens look like us. This is from the Apollo 17 Panoramic Index from NASA. Click here for source photo. This photo include the crater "Keeler," which is a large crater on the moons far side. Credit NASA. SCW Source: 
Above and below face on moon found near Simpelius C. Crater, by SCW.
Above and below face on moon found near Simpelius C. Crater, by SCW.
The above face I discovered this March of 2012 when looking over some NASA moon maps. I highlighted the face in red to make it easier to see. It looks male I deduce from its adams apple on his neck. I love to find the faces, it takes the fear away from people, fear of the unknown, and shows that many aliens look just like us. Scott C. Waring

The two photos above are on the moon. I found these two face in the same crater. It is near Comrie Crater on the moon. I found this March 2012. Source:

The above face was discovered by me SCW in Tycho crater, Earth's moon. There were about ten faces in this main photo of Tycho, however only this face was intact enough to bother showing you. The link is here: Credit to NASA

Date of discovery: Sept 27, 2012

Location of discovery: Mars

I was looking over Google Mars map and found these four faces not far from each other. They look worn down from wind and sand over millions of years, but they are still clearly faces. I don't think everyone has the ability to discern such details, but many will. All you have to do is put the coordinates into the search box of Google Earth...switch the button to Mars and you have it. Why am I always looking for faces? Because I want to know how they look. SCW

Coordinates: 45°49'37.62"S  141°32'2.48"E

Date of discovery: September 30, 2012
Location of discovery: Mars

I was looking over Mars photos and came across one in Sol 116A that happened to have not one but multiple faces in it (four or more). These faces look like they were cut from stone and left there long ago. The first face is of a round faced person with very curly hair. And if you look very carefully right above this one and touching it is a bearded face of a species I have never seen before in stone. Then on the far lower right there was another faces…highly unusual with a long hat or crown. Above it is a half face. I took the half face and flipped it over so you could see what the whole face would look like. 

Searching through Mars photos taken by the rover Opportunity I came across a face with unusually great detail and of a species I have never seen before and know this, I have seen hundreds of faces, only the best make it to my posts. This face is almost lamb like in appearance, but I am sure with its uniquely high intelligence it must be a  phenomenal species. Almost cute...but what devastating tragedy became of them? Those poor creatures. Below is the link that shows you where I found the NASA photo. SCW

Date of discovery: November 8, 2012
Location of discovery: Mars
Type this in the google Mars search box:  37°21'41.32"S , 149°55'17.97"

I heard Google Mars (free program) had a massive update that increased the detail of the map. I checked it out and I really thought it was a crappy effort on behalf of NASA. Even a simple satellite with an iPhone 5 camera would take better photos…which goes to prove that NASA is hiding info from the public.

Anyways, I was searching Mars and came across this face. I actually found three, but am only showing you this one above because one was deliberately blurred by NASA and the other was beyond ancient so its eyes and forehead were gone…hmmm, I will put the photos Above here just for the fun of it. All three faces are near each other. SCW

Latitude: 37°21'41.32"S

Longitude: 149°55'17.97"

I discovered the above face on the surface of mars. The face is looking to the right side of the photo. You can clearly make out the eyes, nose, mouth, chin, cheeks. SCW
For Above photo.
Date of sighting: November 14, 2012
Location of sighting: Mars

I was looking over some NASA photos  in the hand of the University of Arizona where I discovered this face. The face itself looks to be a male with a tall long hat. This hat is the same style as the hat that Queen Nefertiti of Egypt has on her sculptured bust. So the hat must be a symbol of their powerful and respected position and the face was made in the hills because they wanted to commemorate a great leader, just as humans carved Mount Rushmore with the images of four faces of great US presidents. SCW


Date of discovery: Oct 7, 2012
Location of discovery: Mars

I (Scott Waring) found this face (side view looking left) in not just one photo, but nine taken by the Mars Rover Opportunity. It really looks like an ancient Egyptian face with the elongated back. Its very similar to King Tuts golden sarcophagus. Even the beard coming down with a bend on its end is there. 

Part of me is thinking this face is not a statue buried to the shoulders but instead is a headstone for someone buried there. A headstone with the face of the person that died, weathered by hundreds of thousands of years of blowing sand. SCW

Source Photo: 

Date of discovery: June 24, 2013 (above and below photos)
Location of discovery: Three craters above "Ares Vallis," Mars

I was looking over Google Mars map and came across this amazing face on the side of the crater. I thought it was really cool, but wasn't going to report it...then I found the other two faces all about the same position on the craters. All the craters are lined up one after the other and all the faces are either looking left or right. 

The faces of the intelligent species out there are the most important evidence next to meeting them in person. The fact that this is direct evidence that we are not alone in the universe makes these faces even more significant. What great deeds did these three aliens do that gave reason to preserve their faces on the surface of Mars? 

We are looking at three distinctly different species of aliens here. One seems to have a sheep like face with tentacles hanging from its chin (maybe beard). Another has a very long face. And yet another that looks very similar to our human species except its chin is sharper and longer than our own. This is real universe and now you know…we are not alone and never have been. 

These faces can be found if you type "Ares Vallis," into the search box and move above it to the three craters side by side. Good luck and you might find something I didn't.  See Below photo. 

Below PHOTO:

Date of sighting: July 28, 2013
Location of sighting: Mars Surface

This is a highly detailed face of a species of alien whose face resembles half sheep and half human. Look carefully and you will see the upper and lower lips, chin, jaw, cheeks, eye, nose, nostrils, and long flowing hair. See photo below for sheep face. SCW

Date of discovery: March 27, 2012 (Photos Below)
Location of discovery: Earths Moon

I found this face last year, but most the information about it has disappeared off my UFO site for some unknown reason, so here I am posting it again. This is an an alien face that I discovered using the Chang'e 2 Orbiters moon map. 


The above and below photos are of the same face. The one below has been cut off and flipped over...mirrored side by side for you to see the whole face.

Date of discovery: February 2014
Location of discovery: Mars

Someone at discovered this face above so I thought I better confirm it there and check out the original NASA photo. It is there and then some.
Also in the same photo as the face above I found the two faces below. Where there is one, there is more. SCW


Date of discovery: April 10, 2014
Location of discovery: Earths Moon

I was looking over NASA photos and came across this alien face. As you know, I have found a lot of faces, but this one is unique in that the face has ridges along the top and side of its head. By searching for these faces, we are able to know what aliens look like. Seeing the real faces of aliens takes the fear from people...that movies and Hollywood has instilled into the public.  This is an intelligent species and probably very ancient. SCW
Date of discovery: November 24, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars

Below 3 photos: This is one of the photos from the Mars Global Surveyor mission. Not only does it show an alien base, but there is also a face of the species that built the base near it. 

Date of discovery: Nov 2014
Location of discovery: Mars

Its hard to believe, but faces are the main signs of life people are currently finding on Mars. This face is a bit eerie in the fact that its white...which is a totally different color than the surroundings. This white face looks to be made of the same material I showed you last week of a white wall made below some stones. White face and bear face in photos below. I didn't find the white face, but I did find the bear face in the same photo. SCW

Date of discovery: November 16, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
NASA Photo:

Date of discovery: November 9, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Description: MSL 778 MAST 100
Photo Source:

Date of discovery: November 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Coordinates: 79°24'28.73"S 6°34'44.17"W
Method used: Google Mars (free program)
Two photos below of two faces, one is a happy face. 

Date of discovery: November 6, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
NASA Photo:

I was looking through some Mars photos and stopped when I saw some arrows. I was trying to figure out what they were pointing to when I noticed a sculpture face with a big blue arrow pointing at it. The face had probably been attached to a statue when it broke off during the big attack on Mars. SCW

Date of discovery: October 26, 2014
Location of discovery: Crater Fram, in the Meridian Planum Region of Mars
NASA Source:

This week I found some interesting anomalies in this Mars photo. The photo shows a close up of the crater Fram. In this photo are many unusual objects, including a walking figure. SCW 4 photos below. 

Date of discovery: October 2014
Location of discovery: Mars

Date of discovery: Oct 2014
Location of discovery: Mars

The two screenshots below have not one, but three faces visible. The largest one in looking left of the photo. Right beside it is a childs face, and then below the child to the right is an animals face. The animal looks like a dog. SCW

Date of discovery: Oct 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Date of discovery: October 7, 2014  
Location of discovery: Saturn moon, Dione
Source NASA photo:

I found this face on a moon of Saturn called Dione. The face is very large and easy to see. As I have said before, I have found faces of aliens on most planets, moons and asteroids in our solar system. There are a lot of aliens species out there. SCW

Date of discovery: Sept 25, 2014
Location of discovery: North end of Greenland, Earth
Method used: Google Earth

Searching Google Earth is a lot of fun. A face inside a face. Yes, two faces, maybe more. The things you find often blow you away, for example this giant face in Greenland. It measures 191 miles (306km) by 191 (306km). Yeah, a perfect square area. This face has a broken nose in two places which tells us he was a fighter. Also he has on a feather like crown, which tells us he was a leader of a tribe of people. He must have been ten kinds of awesome to be commemorated by aliens this way. He wasn't necessarily an alien himself, but may have been a fantastic leader that raised the bar, so they wanted the future humans to one day find this face and remember him. Also please notice the smaller faces inside this faces hat area. He is remembered. SCW -photo below- 
Date of discovery: Sept 15, 2014
Location of discovery: upper right from Tsiolkovsky crater, Earths moon.
Source NASA Photo:

I was looking over moon photos when I was taken aback by a familiar face...Leonardo da Vinci.  The face even has the unique dark shading that Leonardo often used. People often tell me Leonardo was an alien, because of he was a man of "unquenchable curiosity" and "feverishly inventive imagination". This face stands out really well inside the crater. Did a alien species celebrate da Vinci's life by creating this face in the crater or is it just a famous face among their own culture that just happens to look like da Vinci? We may never know, but one thing is obvious, this portrait in the crater was created by a species not unlike our own in appearance. SCW

Date of discovery: September 2014
Location of discovery: Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
Source Photo:

There is a also an alien face...defiantly not handsome in human terms, but nevertheless a face of one alien species. So now we know, this is why Rosetta satellite was sent to Comet 67P, to see if it can retrieve some alien tech. Oh...there is a white disk UFO very clear in the URL photo, but not my screenshot. SCW

Date of discovery: Sept 2014
Location of discovery: Kenting, South end of Taiwan

I found these two faces in South of Taiwan in Kenting. Its a sign that an alien base is nearby. SCW

Date of discovery: 3-4 years ago. 
Location of sighting: Mars
Source image:

I found this statue about 3 to 4 years ago, but came across this video talking about it. They colored the statue so that you can see it better. This is a really interesting photo and there is a color version available, but not sure where at the moment. You can clearly make out the Egyptian face, shoulders, hat and body. There are also a lot of other anomalies in this photo, but this one is the best. Cool the discovery is still being passed around. photo below. SCW

Date of discovery: August 16, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Source Map:

Guys I found this today and I am still amazed at what it is. The face alone is an incredible find, but this one has 70% of a figure to it. This guy looks like a warrior with his massive shoulders and arms. The other leg and arm look faded and warn, not by time, but by an ancient lake area. I have to say, I see a lot of resemblance between this and the ancient Greek gods. Perhaps a story that has lasted thousands of years has more truth to it than once thought. photos below. SCW

Date of discovery: August 3, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
NASA photo:

Hey guys, I was looking over Mars photos and found this amazing face. It resembles the ancient Chinese lion. The detail of its eye, the carved lines below and above the eye are great. Also the nostrils are slightly visible as well as the mouth and forehead. Overall it explains how the symbol of the Chinese lion originated...from an ancient species that once visited Asia, but will never be forgotten.  Also, this is near another discovery I made a few years ago. An alien body is visible and its head is about the same size as the Chinese lion head near it. You can see that this alien more closely resembles a humanoid because of its legs, hand bones, and skull with eye, nose, mouth openings. The evidence is there...if NASA would only go back to check on them, however finding evidence of life is clearly not their real mission. SCW photos below. 

Date of discovery: July 7, 2014
Location of discovery: -166.77761   ,   -76.83666
China Map:

I was looking over the Chinese lunar map and found a few faces that stood out well. When you find faces, buildings are always in the area and yes, there are a lot of rectangular structures nearby. This is a unique map that NASA has not been able to edit, so are a lot of anomalies that China has missed during the editing of the map. 
SCW 3 photos below. 

Date of discovery: June 1, 2014, 13:13
Location of discovery: Earths sun
Source: SOHO photo camera EIT 195

I was looking through the SOHO shots of the sun today and came across this unusual face. Sure you can see other faces near it, but this one face is larger and better detail. 

Professor Michio Kaku says that there are three types of alien civilizations, humans not even rating on the scale we are so primitive in our technology. However a type 2 civilization would have harnessed the power of sun. So this alien civilization is at least a type two but maybe a type 3. 

Why put the face on the sun...perhaps a great person in their society passed away and they want to show their appreciation and respect to that person. Or perhaps its to commemorate the birthday of a great individual within the civilization. SCW 2 photos below

Date of discovery: Unknown
Location of discovery: Village of Oak Creek, Arizona, USA
Coordinates to face: 34°48'32.92”N 111°44'37.77"W

The above coordinate are not exact. Needs update. 

Date of discovery: April 13, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars 

Date of discovery: March 15, 2014
Location of discovery: De Forest Crater, Moon
Area of Moon: South Polar region
Coordinates: 77.3°S 162.1°W

II found this face in a crater and it looks like its has on a crown.  I have found many faces inside of craters. This one stand above the ground. It means there is an alien city underground not far away. SCW

Date of sighting: Nov 29, 2014
Location of sighting: Mars

Hey, check out this layered apple like face on Mars. Layered from 3D printed material. I don't believe these things we have been finding are carved. They all have a layered appearance as if they were 3D printed with nano circuitry inside. Looks a lot like what you might see in the Planet of the Apes movie, doesn't it? I have found many chimpanzee looking monkey faces, this one looks very different from the others. Probably a different species. Photo below. SCW


Date of discovery: December 5, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Coordinates:  44°22'16.95"S  100° 3'31.39"W

Was checking out Google Mars...a free program to download and use, when I found this face. I have never reported on it before and it looks really big. Its hidden inside a crater and has a lot of similarities to the ancient China statues from thousands of years ago.

Date of discovery: December 11, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars

While looking for anomalies in Mars photos I found two extraordinary things. First was a face that resembles that of a lion. Second was a living creature that resembles a slug or worm, but may be a plant. Photos below. 

Date of discovery: December 12, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars

Lets try to get ahead today shall we? Uh...sorry, it's Saturday here in Taiwan and I was looking through some Mars photos when I noticed this big head in the middle of the photo. The eye was evident, but looks as if it were closed. The nose and mouth are easy to make out. The lower jaw is very small and looks like it has very little strength in it. The back area of the skull has some interesting protruding cheek bone ridges which really make this species kind of cool looking. Remember this photo is HD, so check it out. Lots of things to yet to find. SCW -photos below-

Date of discovery: December 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Chance of being a real coin: 90%
Now this is interesting. Paranormal Crucible of Youtube has reported finding some coin like objects on Mars. I have to admit, one of these photos is very convincing. It may be a coin, medallion or broach. The object does have a face on it, however it is not a single's a double face. There are two faces of two species on the front. One species looks semi human on the right side. The left face looks nothing like a human, but I have seen it before. The most significant discovery here is the fact that these two species put their historical figures on this coin together as a symbol of their bond of friendship. SCW
Date of discovery: November 24, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars

This is one of the photos from the Mars Global Surveyor mission. Not only does it show an alien base, but there is also a face of the species that built the base near it. I found this last night while scouring the archives. The base is probably able to lift off of the planets surface. I say this due to its compact shape, however it must have been there a very long time for them to have created a face near it. The face itself actually has a line from below the nose to the top of the lower lip, much like a cat or lion. Russians have recorded sounds and radar images of a cat like species a few years ago. I will put the video below for you to see the actual Russian recording from the flight tower (May 2010) or (click here to see the Post I made about it). SCW photo below.
Date of discovery: Nov 2014
Location of discovery: Mars

Its hard to believe, but faces are the main signs of life people are currently finding on Mars. This face is a bit eerie in the fact that its white...which is a totally different color than the surroundings. This white face looks to be made of the same material I showed you last week of a white wall made below some stones. Also a angry bear face. photos below.

Date of discovery: November 9, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Description: MSL 778 MAST 100

I found these faces in the photos and they are beyond unique. I hope you like them. SCW

Photos below. 

Date of discovery: November 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Coordinates: 79°24'28.73"S 6°34'44.17"W
Method used: Google Mars (free program)

This smiley face was discovered by Youtube user TheCalifornian. I have seen this one before, and I have to say I am baffled at what these are made from. At one point it almost looks like trees, but in another it looks like ancient walls and building foundations. The smile face shows that at least one species out there has a sense of humor. 
Note: Two sources confirm there are at least 56 space faring species in our solar system (Confirmed by Bob Lazar of Area 51 and the Friendship Case in Rocca Pia, Italy). Lets hope we get to meet them first. SCW Photos below.

Date of discovery: October 26, 2014
Location of discovery: Crater Fram, in the Meridian Planum Region of Mars
NASA Source:

This week I found some interesting anomalies in this Mars photo. The photo shows a close up of the crater Fram. In this photo are many unusual objects, including a walking figure. This figure is upright and we can make out the head, neck shoulders and legs. We can even see the feet, which appear very large in proportion to the figure itself. This figure is very short, just over 1 foot tall if we use the Mars Curiosity Rovers tracks as a measure comparison. There are also several faces that show a lion-like species that once existed or may have come from their cultural mythology. SCW

Date of discovery: December 16, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars (photos below)
NASA Mars photo:

This head was found by a user on Youtube this week. Its difficult to see the details of the face due to the shadows and it being an infrared photo, but we can still make out the two massive eyes, small nose and small mouth. The ridges above the eyes and nose are also evidence for this being real. This is a great example of an alien face. It closely resembles the alien species we call greys. SCW

Date of discovery: December 12, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Source Photo:

Lets try to get ahead today shall we? Uh...sorry, it's Saturday here in Taiwan and I was looking through some Mars photos when I noticed this big head in the middle of the photo. The eye was evident, but looks as if it were closed. The nose and mouth are easy to make out. The lower jaw is very small and looks like it has very little strength in it. The back area of the skull has some interesting protruding cheek bone ridges which really make this species kind of cool looking. Remember this photo is HD, so check it out. Lots of things to yet to find. SCW (photos below)


Date of discovery: Feb 2015
Location of discovery: House Rock, Earths Moon
Google Moon Coordinates: 8°50'33.31"S 15°28'4.58"E
Video of Apollo 16 at Alien Face (House Rock): 

I did a little snooping and found a view of House Rock that looks like a massive 2 floor high face, but to top it off...there are two astronauts jumping around and exploring around it. If NASA astronauts found this rock to be special, so special they call it HOUSE ROCK, then this confirms that these are ancient alien structures. Just listen to the astonishment in the astronauts voice at what they find. They are not looking at just rocks here, but ancient alien artifacts.SCW

All faces were confirmed by facial recognition software developed in the Sony Cyber-shot.  

Date of discovery: March 2015
Location of sighting: Mars

This UFO was found on Mars by Paranormal Crucible of Youtube. I checked out the original photo at NASA and yes, I can confirm the disk is there and does have a metallic glint to it. I searched the photo and found face after face in the surrounding area. I will highlight the faces with color to make them easier to see. I also used a Sony Cyber-shot to check the  photo for faces. The Cyber-shot has facial recognition and put a square box around all the faces that I found. If I see it, and the Sony Cyber-shot camera sees it, then you should be able to see it. You can say the faces are in my imagination, but the camera has no imagination, no bias, no agenda, then why does it see the faces? Because they are real and there! SCW (photos above.)


Date of discovery: March 22, 2015
Location of discovery: Idaeus Fossae, Mars
Coordinates: 35° 0'56.03"N    49°24'2.73"W

This alien face and body was found by Alfredo Viller of Youtube. He is a new up and coming researcher that looks for familiar designs and ancient structures on Mars. He found a fantastic alien full body formation. I went to Google Mars map (free to download) to confirm his  finding, and I found that not only is it there, but the best happy face ever found on Mars is just below it! He probably saw it, but not sure. Very cool discoverers by Alfredo Viller of Youtube, go subscribe to his channel. SCW

Date of discovery: April 6, 2015
Location of discovery: Mars

I found three faces in this Mars photo. The faces are all fragmented. Most of each face has been destroyed, but I am sure you can see it. 

Date of discovery: March 28, 2015
Location of discovery: South of Jojutla crater, Mars
Google Mars coordinates:  79°42'46.23"N 167°20'7.02"W

I found two gold faces and another alien structure inside of a crater nearby. There are massive deposits of gold on the surface of Mars in this area. It looks like 20-24k gold sand. Its no wonder why  NASA wants to go to Mars, there is a crap load of gold there and other minerals of extreme value. But the frosting on the cake is the alien tech they will find in ancient structures. SCW

Date of discovery: June 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
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This week a UFO researcher who goes by the name of Martian Archeology on Youtube found what looks like to many to be a intelligently made water dam. I have to agree, this does look like it held water and I did find signs of some ancient black structures in the photo a little ways away. Also I found the face of the species that lived in this area of Mars. The face has a beard and mustache and a face similar to humans, but its lost a lot of details over the years. I told you, when you find a face, you are in a once populated area of Mars. SCW

Date of discovery: June 18, 2015
Location of discovery: Earths Moon

Hey guys, check this out. I found a face in a NASA photo and its 100% new. New meaning no one has ever reported it. However I have seen similar faces on the moon in NASA photos. I added color to it to better see it. I don't even think that the astronauts noticed the face, but I am sure that they were testing the object to see if its a rock or alien tech. 
I bet that some species are closely monitoring Earth, and looking for information about themselves to see what we have learned. I also feel that by finding the faces, we prove that humanity is more intelligent than they give us credit for. Also, it teaches us about the different species that humanity may one day meet. Aliens may live forever, but I don't, so I try to find them and learn from their faces, one by one. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan 


Date of discovery: July 20, 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Rover: Curiosity
Photo 1:
Photo 2:
Photo 3:

Guys I was looking at one of the two Mars blogs where they upload most the photos taken, and today they uploaded hundreds. In about 8 of them I saw this face near the edge of the hill, but the photos were low quality. Then I came across the same face in higher quality photos and just had to post them here for you to see. I have seen this alien face before and it is human-like with a pointy nose.  The alien is wearing a cloak over their head and around their neck. Sure the face is really beaten, but if this was found on Earth, they would say its man made. Just because of its location...many deny the truth. Time to...face the facts. SCW


Date of discovery: July 26, 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo:

Messing around in Gigapan indexes I found some cool anomalies that really say ancient culture on them. Some of them are faces, which could have bodies buried below the surface. 

Some of the faces depict human-like species, others show a feline or cat species, and another WTH face I have never seen before. 

NASA put this massive photo into false color (baby poop brown), so you need to hit auto adjust on any photo program to get the normal color. That is all I did to make it stand out. SCW


Date of discovery: July 26, 2015
Location of discovery: Pluto, icy mountain. 

I was watching a new video made with Plutos images and posted by NASA at their official Youtube site and I could not help but notice this face. The face stood out very well and looks almost human. A few things about it seem different. The ear on its right side looks different from ours. Also his neck seems thinner, weaker than our own. Everything else looks similar, his hair, eye, nose, mouth, lips, cheeks, forehead. It must be a very famous person in their culture to get this special treatment. A great ruler, or hero to the people.

You can view the face in the NASA video at 12 seconds until 28 seconds into the video. Best at 28. 

And to the aliens who made this face...We know you are out there, watching, wondering. We see you.