New Mexico, May 3, 2010 – Odd shape hovering and moves at high speed, UFO Sighting MUFON Case # 23122.

The following is the unedited report filed with MUFON.

New Mexico, May 3, 2010 – Odd shape hovering and moves at high speed, UFO Sighting MUFON Case # 23122.

I watched the late new’s and saw the weather report 5-3-10 , the following day was going to be windy, I had to go outside to move my Bonsai tree’s to a location that they wouldnt be damaged by tommorrow’s wind.

Photo: Witness image # 2.

when I went outside to do so, just before 11pm I Looked up at the night sky and noticed an object to the west of my house hovering and changing color , I thought it strange and thought i would run inside my house and grab my camera with my long 400mm-800mm len’s and my tripod to view this object better.

I ran back outside and set up my camera, the object remained in the same place for some 7-8 minutes without any movement or sound.

I took 1 photo of it in this position( See photo titled UFO photo #1 )., then the object seemed to rotate around , as if it were going to move in another direction, I took 1 more photo ( see photo titled: UFO turned #2 ) , as I backed off my camera len’s to get a longer/wider view, the object took off south in direction at an alarming speed, I managed to snap the last photo as it left ( see photo titled: UFO leaving )

These photo’s were long exposure’s because of the low light condition’s which saturated the colors more than normal , but they are suprisingly clear , and you can see distant star’s in the background’s with NO motion blur.

Photo: Witness image # 3.

I Live 8 mile’s from a Air Force military instalation, so this object could be a black op’s project , but from the photo’s and the speed involved in my sighting I can easily say , it is like nothing ive ever seen..Really a strange night, but also exhilerating.

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