UFO sighting puzzles Newfoundland and Labrador residents, May 3, 2010 UFO sighting, see photo to believe.

PHOTO: Residents of Harbour Mille, on Newfoundland’s south coast, reported seeing this object fly over their community Monday night.

Residents in Harbour Mille, a tiny community on Newfoundland’s south coast, wanted to know what they saw in the sky.

Darlene Stewart said she was outside taking pictures of the sunset when she saw something fly overhead.

She snapped a picture of the object in an attempt to zoom in on it to see what it was.

“Even with the camera, I couldn’t make it out until I put it on the computer,” she had told CBC News. “I knew then it wasn’t an airplane. It was something different.”

Stewart’s picture shows a blurry image of what appears to be some kind of missile-like object emitting either flames or heavy smoke.

Emmy Pardy also saw the object.

“It appeared to come out of the ocean,” she told CBC News. “It was like it was in the middle of the bay.”

An RCMP officer had been in the community to investigate the reports.

Pardy said she’d like to know what the object was.

“It’s kind of scary because you don’t know if something is being set off out in the bay, [or] if someone is doing experiments,” she said.

The residents plan to be outdoors again Tuesday evening to see if there is a similar sight in the sky.

Source: http://lecanadian.com/2010/05/03/ufo-sighting-puzzles-newfoundland-and-labrador-residents/

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