Bobby Kennedy was briefed on Roswell UFO Crash, & adapting alien technology, UFO sighting.

In a recently rediscovered videotaped interview with Col. Philip J. Corso done by Maurizio Baiata in Rome in July 1997, the colonel reveals that he had personally briefed Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy in the early sixties about the results of his top secret work of bringing pieces of the Roswell UFO crash to selected companies in the military industrial complex for developing and adapting the alien technology. You can watch the video clip here. As President Kennedy’s younger brother, Bobby Kennedy was not only the Attorney General but also JFK’s most trusted advisor.

A year after JFK’s assassination, he was elected Senator for the state of New York in November 1964, where he soon became a prominent political figure because of his charisma and the Kennedy name. He probably would have become the next president of the United States had he not been murdered during the celebration of his victory of the California primary at The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, just after midnight on June 5, 1968.

We only have Corso’s testimony for his briefing, so we made a thorough search of the public record to see if there were any clues about Bobby Kennedy and the UFO subject. Ironically, the best known document where he expresses a strong belief in UFOs—a letter to ufologist Gray Barker dated May 9, 1968—may be a forgery. We’ll discuss our research into this letter later on, but let’s look first at other letters written by Sen. Kennedy in the 1965-1966 period.

Until recently, only the Barker letter and a couple of brief responses sent by Sen. Kennedy to Robert Barrow, were available. John Greenwald of www.blackvault.com, however, obtained a dossier of 127 pages from the Kennedy presidential library which gives a far more complete picture of the NY senator’s involvement with UFOs. The letters cover a period between 1965 and 1968 and contain 39 letters signed by Kennedy himself, plus the original letters he received from a number of constituents and UFO researchers, U.S. Air Force statements, some newspaper clippings, etc.

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