Texas, Milsap UFO sighting June 22, 2010.

Event Date: 2010-06-22
Event Location: Milsap, Texas, US

Event Description: "6-22-10 (9:35PM): Just like the last time I witnessed strange lights, I was traveling home from Granbury, but this time I had my two sons with me. As we reached the top of a hill on FM56, I noticed a very bright, slow moving, circular/round object in the Northern sky.

Due to this road being very dangerous without any safe areas to pullover, I decided to travel to a known location where I could overlook the field of interest where these lights seemed to be orbiting.

As I was traveling to this area, each hilltop allowed me to take a quick glance to my right and see this object still illuminating. It took me nearly 5 mins to reach my "lookout point" on Star Hollow Rd and W.D. Ct in Lipan. When I reached this point I noticed it was very dim, but after a few minutes the same bright light reappeared fully. It was moving west from the Weatherford area toward the Mineral Wells area. From my position the craft was operating 25*-30* above the horizon. Weatherford is 25nm from this position and the light was near the 20nm mark from me.

Of course, this is all based on an educated guess, using an aeronautical sectional map and some simple mathematics. My two sons were so intrigued with the experience we all were sharing and even the 10 yr old said to me, "that's not normal". I agreed and at that point decided I better grab some pictures with my SLR camera before this one gets away. I had time to take one picture before it disappeared. Within seconds after it vanished I noticed one, maybe two fighter jets traveling very fast toward the area where the lights where located. They traveled toward the Mineral Wells area, maybe further then I lost site of them. I thought at one point I noticed the UFO reappear out past Mineral Wells area, but I am unsure what I saw at that point... it was just a flash. My two sons and I began our journey home, another 3 miles or so, and never saw the lights again. The one picture I did capture is pretty interesting to view since I have never taken a picture of anything similar to this before.

I feel 100% positive it was not a commercial airliner on approach to DFW or any other airports nearby. Like my other sighting, I had to rule out all other possibilities (IFO's) before deciding to submit this sighting to MUFON. I still feel this is a government operation of some kind. I called a friend of mine who lives in the area where I feel this occurred and he did say at 10pm or so he heard a helicopter, very low altitude, and a jet of some kind. He actually lives in between Weatherford and Azle.

His conformation of jets/helicopters go hand in hand with the time frame I witnessed the aircraft show up and the UFO disappearing from eyesight. So... here we go again, eyes to the skies!"


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