UFOs can trigger Earthquakes suggest scientists, UFO sighting.

“Slow Earthquake” is a phenomenon of a fault moving silently, stealthily, slipping over the course of several minutes to a few weeks, generally avoiding the scrutiny of geologists and geophysicists by generating few if any waves reports the India Daily.

In Japan, Kawasaki, et al. (1995) detected a large, ultra-slow earthquake subsequent to the July 18, 1992, Sanriku-Oki, Japan earthquake (MS 6.9) which corresponded to a MW 7.3-7.7 event (quartz-tube extensometers recorded the crustal strain). Back in the United States, Linde et. al. (1996) revealed that in December of 1992 two borehole strain meters located near the San Andreas fault (in the transitional zone between the locked and creeping segments of the fault in central California) recorded a series of “strange signals.” These were interpreted as the result of a slow earthquake.

The slow earthquake phenomenon is present in every continent and mysteriously happens all the time.

According to many, Extraterrestrial UFOs use the slow earthquakes to shift the tectonic plates of the earth. Below the earth’s crust, many believe they build UFO bases.

The phenomenon of slow earth quake some time precedes the large earthquake and sometime it is independent of any major earthquake.

Source: http://lecanadian.com/2010/06/07/ufos-can-trigger-earthquakes-suggest-scientists/

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