Mayan Ruins UFO sighting photos here.

UFO Over Mayan Ruins July 8, 2010.

Here is a Mufon report that shows an object above a Mayan Ruin of Tulum. Not only is the picture a beautiful shot of the ruin showing all its mystery, it also shows above the crumbling building a strange object in the sky flying past. Simply a picture that re-enforces the Mayan Mythology and colorful history.
Herb Deary/ Slushpup

Quote from the Mufon Report...

Long Description of Sighting Report

My girlfriends parents just recently returned from a trip to Mexico. They visited the Mayan ruins of Tulum and when they returned we were looking through the photos of the trip. In one of the photos we noticed something that made us gasp. You can clearly see a disc shaped craft in the top right corner that was not seen when the photo was taken. The craft is very clear and the photo is excellent quality. The photo has not been altered and was taken strait off of the SD card.

The craft appears to be moving very fast and you can even see the shadow below the disc. This picture will send chills down your back! With the Mayan ruin below, this is one crazy freaking photo. I have showed this to all of my co-workers, friends and family. Even people who do not believe seem to be taken back by this!!!

Source: MUFON

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