China UFO sighting photoat sunset august 7, 2010.

Time of UFO sighting: August 7, 2010 at 6:30 PM
Location: China, Eastern side of the Qiantang River Edge Cultural Park

Today on my way home along the river, the sunset was really beautiful. I picked up my cell phone E66 and clicked a few photos. When I was at home I found a photo with a UFO in it. Please have a look at it.

Wei Fen is the person who took the photo. He is 30 years of age and is busy daily in IT work. He said that around 6:30 yesterday evening, he and his wife came home from work, passing beside the Qiantang River. Oriental Culture Park in Xiaoshan Yi Town, opposite the location of nearby Sanjiang Area. They saw the beautiful sunset and took some photos with their handy Nokia E66 mobile phone.

Strange things happened when the husband and wife got home. Wang Qin uploaded the photos to a computer and he discovered one of the five photographs had a UFO! At the top left of the setting sun, were round, shiny things, surrounded by faint blue circle that seems to still keep the rotation. One photo his wife took also became a photo of him and the UFO. He didn't understand how this could happen. He knew this certainly was not a star, it was much larger than any star, much lighter; not like luminous kite, because it looks more three-dimensional, full ... ... "I suspect this is the UFO!" he said.

He said the UFO in the photos was constantly moving because in each photo it is in a different position.

Source: http://big5.ce.cn/gate/big5/sci.ce.cn/khqg/201008/09/t20100809_21703102.shtml


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