Mt Rainier Washington UFO sighting, see photos.

Location: Mt. Rainier, Washington, US

Date of sighting: July 18 2010 at 1241 hours

I took photos of Mt. Rainier from the scenic view point on highway 12 West on July 18 2010 at 1241 hours, which is a usual practice for me when I drive over White Pass to go fishing. I use the date time stamp on my photos so I know exactly when I have taken the pictures.

My camera is a Canon PowerShot SX120 with 10x Zoom and is 10 mega pixels. I was using the auto focus at the time of the photos.

I don't always get around to downloading my photos right away and today August 22 2010, I finally downloaded the photos stored on my camera. Two of the photos that I had taken within the same minute show an object (not visible to me at the time I was taking the photo and appears as a dot on photo) just North (right side in photos) of Mt. Rainier.

A third photo within the same minute shows that the object is no longer visible. I first thought that it was a smudge on my screen until I zoomed in the photo and can see a solid object. I researched sightings in the area for July 2010 from the MUFON UFO tracker map and saw that there were numerous sightings and one specifically mentioned Mt. Rainier. I do not know for sure what this is but I would like to submit the three photos for review.


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  1. Hello Scott,
    The same happened to me when I went to Mt Rainier with my family this Sept 30, 2012. We downloaded the picture two weeks after and noticed same objects. In fact on a pictures, we can 20 of them. I would have never see them with a naked eye either. Only the pictures revealed.


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