Several UFO sightings in Italy on captured on live web cam, July 31, 2010.

Several UFO sightings in Italy on captured on live web cam, July 31, 2010. Please check in coming nights on cam.

Location: Santa Cesarea Terrme, Italy

Date of Sighting: July 31, 2010

I was watching a live cam of Italy when I noticed this saucer object with a glowing from its upper center area. It sat in the sky fairly close to the buildings. This object did not move.

I watched for only 30 minutes, but it was still there until the cam switched from ir (inferred) to normal color cam due to the morning sunrise.

The photo below: note the craft rising from below the water is different that above image. Each disappeared or went black at that place, lasting only 2 seconds.

As the sun began to rise, the two UFOs began fading and becoming transparent until they were both totally invisible.

Note: below photo sun is rising and craft is still there but fading.

I included the webcam address below so that others could help keep an eye open for them again.

I did notice that sometimes below the larger UFO, an exact reflection of the same craft would appear at the surface of the water for only 2-3 seconds then it would vanish.

Below was taken just 30-45 min latter. Infrared camera changes to color video.

I believe it may be more UFOs coming from below the water one by one. The time between them seemed about 5-7 minutes, but they would appear. If it was a reflection of the UFO in the sky it would have been upside-down, but it was not. It appeared as if a glowing craft was coming to the surface. It almost looked like a lit up submarine coming up, then disappearing as it touched the surface.

Below is adjoining live web cam photo of diamond UFO sitting over water. Remember, I believe only ir cameras will see this, the human eye is not capable of such high visual levels so this may explain why people have not noticed the UFOs.

Perhaps there are many below the ocean water and this one in the sky was acting as a security guard of sorts, but that is only my guess. I saw about five craft come from below the surface, only capturing a few. It was very fast.

Below photo taken latter that day.

This sounds strange, but not as strange as it looked to me. I have no explanation for what are in these photos except that it appears that ir cameras can reveal invisible UFOs (especially at night), unlike the regular color cam that shows nothing. I ask others to please watch the cams and help determine what these objects are and why are they there.

Live webcam #1 (big UFO over water) and Live webcam #2 (Diamond UFO on water) at: http://www.alltravels.com/italy/puglia/santa-cesarea-terme/webcams-899647

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