Crop Circle at Castle Hill, England 8-18-2010.

18th August 2010.
Castle Hill, Huddersfield, England

This photo was the only one known of the crop circle. The photographer shrugged it off and didn't seem to notice it until much latter.

Castle Hill is a Ancient Monument situated on a hilltop overlooking Huddersfield, in the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees. It has been settled for at least 4,000 years. Experts regard it as one of Yorkshire's most important early Iron Age hill forts. The summit of Castle Hill is by far the most conspicuous landmark in Huddersfield. The Hill has been a place of recreation for hundreds of years and the easily discernible remains of past occupation have made it a subject for legend, speculation and scientific study.

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  1. I went up to castle hill the same day as the crop circles ,one at ainley top one at castlehill.I took some shots and cought a blue entity in the crop,I also had an abduction in 2010 witnesses seen the glowing object over my house,they seem to follow me about .look on u tube hy-brid-su channel the crop circle and other things are posted,


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