UFO sighting in Chile on Sept 10, 2010, see video proof.

UFO Sighting in Temuco, Chile
Date of sighting: 9-10-2010 at 7:10 Am

UFO sightings in Chile are a common occurrence and many possible alien events are reported in that nation's media on a yearly basis.

Last year the water in large lake simply disappeared overnight and astonishingly Chile's Forestry Ministry blamed a UFO for the event after being unable to come up with any more conventional explanations. This conclusion was based on the fact that locals had seen UFOs in the area sucking up water from rivers and lakes.

Now this intriguing footage (see video below) has surfaced from the region of Tenuco in Chile. The UFO was filmed a week ago on September 10 at around 7am. The witness has sought the help of UFO researchers in identifying the object but no answers have been forthcoming. The object, indeed, seems to be a genuine UFO.

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