UFO Sighting of Orbs Near Clouds Sept 11, 2010.

LATEST MURAT & LASZLO UFO VIDEO'S Over CAMPBELLTOWN , SYDNEY AUSTRALIA 11/09/2010.I was on the roof top,And Murat show a Spheres U F O again and The UFO Catch turned funny again.But we do again!

An awesome capture of orbs in clouds. It is my belief that the night vision shade on most sony dvd cameras will allow the user to see the orbs, where with the naked eye they appear invisible or translucent. I myself will try to capture an orb near the clouds in the comming weeks when I have more time and this sighting and similar ones that I have reported are my teachers. Learn from the things that I report on this blog and you too will be able to capture these strange orbs that dance in the clouds. Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

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