Stargate shaped UFO sighting appears at Prade, France see photos.

Date of sighting: Oct 19, 2010.
Location: Pradet, France

Stargate shaped UFO sighting appears at Pradet, France of a amazing green ring formation near sailboats.

This amazing phenomenon has just appeared lately and has been visible at night time only. The aurora looks like it is the shape of a stargate similar to that in the Stargate Universe TV show. The unique object first appeared on the region of Le Pradet, France on a live web cam overlooking the bay. The appearance of the stargate is baffling to say the least. Take a look at these photos or at the web cam address below.

See it now at

Pradet, France cam: http://www.webcamgalore.com/EN/webcam/France/Le-Pradet/2865.html

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