UFO sighting at Mt. Fuji Japan of semi visible saucer, see video.

UFO sighting location: Mt. Fuji, Japan
Date of sighting: September 2010

Latest UFO sightings - This interesting daytime UFO video was submitted to me today; some kind of stealth flying saucer hovering in the sky over Japan. This footage was recorded in September 2010.

Notice that the clouds nearby are similar is size and shape to this craft. There is a chance that it was having difficulty cloaking and was visible for a few minutes. In the video there does not appear to be any other witnesses except the camera person who scans the area to see if anyone else saw. The fact that it is next to Mt. Fuji an ancient volcano seems to fit the pattern of UFOs being freqently seen around ancient volcanos, most recently the CNN video of the Ireland volcano as dozen UFOs flew in V formation near the volcano plume.

These craft are often seen during sunrise or sunset due to the changing light in the sky causing the cloaked craft to appear for any where from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

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